B.o.B And 2 Chainz Get Sleazy In Their “HeadBand” Video: Watch

B.o.B turns his back on the pop-friendly rap formula that made songs like “Airplanes”, “Magic” and “Both Of Us” huge hits around the world in favor of a depressingly familiar ode to female body parts. He even invites renowned gentleman 2 Chainz on board to up the sleaze ante. “HeadBand” is a catchy track — that whistle sample is great — but it all feels a little tired and unnecessary.

The same goes for the video. By rap standards this is actually fairly tame. A troop of women in short-shorts lie on the grass and open their legs in time to the music, while B.o.B and 2 Chainz sit on deck chairs and watch. It plays like a bargain basement version of “Blurred Lines” — only with a less attractive cast and worse soundtrack. Many think Diane Martel‘s video for that smash crossed the line, but at least it has some artistic merit. This is just lazy.

Do you think B.o.B is just having some good, old-fashioned fun or should he clean up his act?

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