Cher Talks New Performances, Past Lovers & Gay Rights On ‘The Today Show’: Watch

Cher is doing a great job of building buzz for new album Closer To The Truth. Fresh from performing on the finale of The Voice and winning hearts as the belle of this year’s NYC Pride celebrations, the pop legend sat down for an interview on The Today Show — in leopard-print pyjamas, no less — and talked about her latest comeback, the DOMA ruling, her relationship with son Chaz Bono and, somewhat creepily, how good Tom Cruise was in bed.

The great news first. Cher isn’t going to stop schooling lessors in the art of performance any time soon. After defending her choice of wig on The Voice (it was art and “meant to get people talking”), the 67-year-old sexpot confirmed she will be gracing The Today Show again on September 23 to sing a couple of songs from her new album, which is released the followed day. Get that promo!

Lady Gaga‘s former Twitter follower also spoke out about the DOMA ruling, saying: “I thought it was amazing. I mean, it should never have been a law. It should never have been anything. It shouldn’t have been a thought.” She then talked about her son and difficulty with getting the pronoun right. “It was really difficult because it’s hard for 40 something years to have this little girl and then all of a sudden… I just screw up with my pronouns so often. But Chaz, you know, cuts me some slack.”

Things got a bit sexy when Cher talked about her former lovers. Apparently Tom Cruise ranks in the top 5. The visual imagery is a little unsettling but anything that gets people talking is good promotion for Closer To The Truth. So spill them beans, diva!