G.R.L.’s “Vacation” Lyric Video: Watch The Girl Group Party & Rehearse

The lovely ladies of G.R.L. (once upon a time they were The Pussycat Dolls but now they’re Dr. Luke proteges, or something) have dropped the lyric video for their new single “Vacation” from The Smurfs 2 soundtrack, and it’s a doozy! Well, as much of a doozy as it can be when it’s a lyric video comprised mostly of B-roll of the girls in various largely nondescript contexts — some kind of photo shoot, dance rehearsals, that sort of thing — but they certainly look great together, and let’s cross our fingers and hope that they’re rehearsing for a music video where they can do more of that dancing in unison. 

Despite my historical loyalties to Lauren Bennett, after careful review of this lyric video, I’m starting to think that Paula Van Oppen may end up becoming my favorite. Discuss.