Fall Out Boy Release “Alone Together” Video: Watch The Latest In “The Young Blood Chronicles”

When they’re not busy saving rock and roll, Fall Out Boy are hard at work shooting music videos for their series titled “The Young Blood Chronicles.” In the latest video, accompanying the band’s song “Alone Together,” Fall Out Boy continue the storyline featured in previous released videos “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” “The Phoenix,” and “Young Volcanoes.” The infectious sound of the album track is foiled by the video’s grim imagery — the band’s members in straight jackets, being tortured by a number of inscrutable women.

There’s blood and murder, but at least there is also catchy pop/rock! Despite the video’s dark storyline, there’s an overall campy tone to the video which keeps it from being perceived as genuinely scary.

Ending the video on an intense cliffhanger, the clip gives us the feeling there’s much more to come in “The Young Blood Chronicles.” The visual for “Alone Together” is the fourth in the 11-part series, as the band plans to make a video for every track on their album Save Rock and Roll.

Check it out up top.