John Mayer Makes A Comeback On The ‘Today Show’: Watch Him Perform “Paper Doll”

Jul 5th, 2013 // Comment
Change Is Coming

After a brief hiatus from the industry due to a vocal cord injury back in 2010, John Mayer has returned to the stage for his first television performance in years. But the ailment didn’t set him back, as the singer breezed through his 2006 hit “Waiting On The World To Change” and his latest single “Paper Doll,” from his upcoming album Paradise Valley.

Mayer said that he knew he would return to singing back, but his voice isn’t the same. “It’s different now, just because the Botox is sort of clearing out,” he said. “It’s a gift that keeps unwrapping itself every month. I go, ‘Oh, I can sing this song now!’ So it looks as if there’s certain songs I won’t play. It’s just I can’t (yet).”

View his performance of “Waiting On the World to Change” up top, and watch the rest below.

John Mayer interview on the Today Show


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