Gotye Rejoins The Basics, Releases Brilliant Rock Anthem “So Hard For You”: Watch The Retro Video

Before Gotye conquered charts around the globe with “Somebody That I Used To Know”, he toured small pubs around Australia with a side project called The Basics. After a three year break the rock band is back together and have just released a seething new break-up anthem. “So Hard For You” is is an old school, ’70s-influenced rock song with refreshingly raw lyrics (“never really cared for friends they were more of a means to an end”). Wally doesn’t have a lot of luck with the ladies, does he?

The Andrew Mortlock-directed clip taps into the track’s retro vibe by focusing on someone’s very impressive vinyl collection. As for being back in the band? “It’s been a great challenge nutting out how to bring a large band, visuals and studio compositions together for the Gotye live shows over the last two years,” Kimbra‘s former duet partner said. “But right now I’m looking forward to getting sweaty behind the drums and playing rock ‘n’ roll in these fab clubs with my brothers Kris and Tim, and what better track to lead them into the fray with than ‘So Hard For You’.”

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