Robin Thicke Performs A Soulful Cover Of Icona Pop’s “I Love It”: Watch

You Will Love It!
Robin Thicke proved there’s absolutely nothing he can’t do by performing an incredible cover of Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” on BBC Radio 1′s Live Lounge yesterday (July 8). The blue-eyed soul god stripped the song back to its bare bones, turning the electro-pop hit into a vintage R&B ballad.

In a near magical  transformation, the girl power anthem now sounds like the kind of sunny love song that Stevie Wonder might have recorded in his hey day. The 36-year-old stays fairly true to the original lyrically, although he now sings “I’m from the ’70s and you’re a ’90s chick”. Watch Robin’s dreamy interpretation above and join me in swooning.

Who covered Icona Pop’s breakthrough smash better — Mr. Thicke or Florence Welche and Dev Hynes? Watch their version and give me your verdict in the comments.

  • Stefan Munko

    Just heard the version on German radio station n-joy and loved it. Is it available somewhere? Best regards from Hamburg, Germany Stefan

  • BrookeG

    Robin did a slick version of Icona Pop’s “I Like It, and this sounds so much better than what he has on his current album, “Blurred Lines”. He is more suited for R & B, than electronica junk. This is the Robin I like before the commercially popular “Blurred Lines” . I would rather him sing like this than in his unimpressive falsetto.