Rihanna Signs On For Global Budweiser Campaign: Watch Her Ad

Rihanna Budweiser Commercial
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Rihanna has signed on to appear in a Budweiser campaign that will appear in 85 countries, because she’s Rihanna and that’s just how these things go. (Jay-Z just signed a similar deal; Justin Timberlake is already affiliated with the brand.)

Ad Age reports that the Bajan chanteuse has signed a deal with Bud’s parent company Anheuser-Busch that “includes TV commercials featuring the two stars, limited-edition packaging, digital executions, out-of-home advertising and sponsorships of Rihanna’s and Jay-Z’s concerts.” In other words: #phuckyomillerlite.

In the first commercial, posted today, Rihanna does some fashion-y things and some music-y things while “Right Now” plays in the background; it fits with the theme of the campaign, which is about “captur[ing] the creative spirit of a global generation, showcasing the many ways people create.” Hopefully the next one will feature Rihanna rolling a joint full of diamonds since it is, at the end of the day, all about creation.

Watch Rihanna’s video up top, then see Jay-Z’s spot below.

Jay-Z — Budweiser Dreams Are Made commercial

[via Ad Age]

  • bmccoy03

    Rihanna still winning, no matter what people say about her. People see the worst in her but all the time she signing contracts, selling lip stick, touring, starting her own style show and selling perfumes. Still getting paid.

    • bmccoy03

      And she has her own clothing line…….