Selena Gomez’s “Slow Down” Video Springs A Leak: Watch The Sexy Clip

Jul 19th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Slow & Sexy

Just one day after she started teasing the upcoming clip (for which she probably had a long and exhaustively planned promotional strategy, sigh — thanks, Internet), Selena Gomez‘s music video for her latest single “Slow Down” has leaked (via a shady Chinese video-streaming site, obviously). Boo! But now that it’s out, it’s out, and all there is to do is revel in the greatness of Selegend. Luckily, “Slow Down” reinforces the sense I got from “Come & Get It” that Selena is, y’know, a real pop star now.

She dances — like, actual choreography! There’s exposed skin! It feels a little racy, a little sexy, a little taboo! After inexplicably riding through the streets of Paris in a vintage Benz, she does a sexy strut down a cobblestone street and ends up in a club flanked by dancers where she just lets loose and lives while she’s young or whatever. She even sports a high ponytail. 

Admittedly, there’s no narrative, but it’s Selena being grown-and-sexy, which is more than adequate narrative for me. It’s a cherry on top of how fine the Stars Dance era has already been, and it augurs well for what’s to come.

Watch up top.


  1. Abel23

    Love this, She’s getting better and better.

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