Rihanna Bares Her Breasts In Sheer T-Shirt: 5 Racy Pics

Jul 22nd, 2013 // 10 Comments

Rihanna might as well leave her hotel room completely naked next time. A couple of days ago the barbadian beauty was spotted rocking a mesh t-shirt and bra combination, today (July 22) she decided to revive the look but give the undergarment a miss. Yes, RiRi was snapped in Stockholm wearing a see-through t-shirt that showed off her nipple rings. We know the hitmaker is the poster girl of high class ratchetivity but is this too much even for her?

Do you love or hate this look? Vent in the comments.


  1. WAHhah
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  2. Kay
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    Even RiRi can’t make the walk of shame look, look good.

  3. Jahas
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    I think she just heard that wearing a bra is actually bad for you, even if your chest area is quite prominent.

  4. Bree
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    SMH she is such a slut. IDK what happened to her after the beating she went crazy man. Nasty slut

  5. MIleyLover
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    Crazy topless girl accidentally shot in the locker room http://bit.do/riri

  6. rachel
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    kill me

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