Robin Thicke’s “Get In My Way”: Hear The Uplifting ‘Blurred Lines’ Song

Robin Thicke has gradually been unveiling all the songs from his Blurred Lines LP through one well-placed premiere at a time — and the latest to surface is “Get In My Way,” which trades both the EDM-influenced vibe of songs like “Give It 2 U” and the Motown swing of “Ooh La La” for something that sounds more like The Gap Band, but also some of the sparkle of Michael Jackson, and also something vaguely Celebrity-era NSYNC — but it’s also thoroughly modern, so go figure that one out.

The lyrics are sweetly inspirational, and those vocal harmonies on the chorus are tough to beat. It’s more proof that Blurred Lines is shaping up to be one of the year’s strongest male R&B releases (ahem).

Listen below, then check out the song’s lyrics on

Robin Thicke — “Get In My Way”

[via Mashable]