Mickey Cupid’s “All Of Us”: Idolator Premiere

While Belgian-American duo Mickey Cupid‘s name is influenced by both Disney’s most iconic character and the Roman god of desire, the pair’s musical inspirations are even more diverse: Pharrell, Mars Volta, Benny Benassi, Quincy Jones, Donna Summer and Masters At Work are just some of the musicians writer/producer Matt Nannetti and vocalist/lyricist Marcus Harmon grew up under the influence of.

New York-based Marcus (pictured above, left) and Matt (right), who is currently living in Brussels, first struck up a creative partnership over MySpace. The fruits of their labor, the dance-pop-leaning Mickey Cupid EP, will be released on August 19, via Aztec Records — a label whose roster also includes Rod Thomas, aka Bright Light Bright Light.

Head below to get a preview of the Mickey Cupid EP via new track “All Of Us.”

Between the shimmering synths and Harmon’s soaring vocals, “All Of Us” makes for quite the uplifting, beat-driven jam. Nannetti told us the following about recording this particular number for the EP:

“We wrote this song in a studio session in Brussels. It came to us very naturally. I produced the track’s basis one morning, and by the end of the afternoon Marcus had laid some melodies over it. Couple days later the song was done and got us very exited. ‘All Of Us’ is about bringing people together through music; partying all summer with your friends.”

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