Sky Ferreira Reveals Details Of Her Upcoming EP With ‘Glamour’

Fresh after her performance at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival on Sunday (July 21), Sky Ferreira sat down with Glamour magazine for a Q&A. The 21-year-old singer, who is still riding the wave of her acclaimed Ghost EP (with favorites like “Everything Is Embarrassing” and “Lost In My Bedroom”), is currently working on a new as-yet-untitled project.

When asked about the upcoming EP, Ferreira said that the video for “You’re Not The One” (which will presumably be the first single) will be directed by Grant Singer — the man behind the clips for “Sad Dream” and “Everything Is Embarrassing.” Producer of the moment Ariel Rechtshaid, along with a “few surprise ones,” have collaborated with Ferreira again on the EP: “I just thought I could make really crappy album or an amazing one,” she said, “so it’s just about working with the right people. There’s some stuff on the album that people aren’t gonna expect from me.”

As for her unexpected crying incident during her Pitchfork performance, she explained: “I’ll cry onstage sometimes when singing it, which is really embarrassing. It could be over something silly that happened that day, not even related to the song. But I’m proud of the emotions my music can inspire.”

Same here.

[via Glamour]