Free Agent: 78Violet On Their New Sound & What To Expect From Their Album

Anyone who knows 78Violet probably already knows their history: As teen pop duo Aly & AJ, sisters Alyson & Amanda Michalka released a pair of widely underrated and frequently brilliant albums in the mid-noughties, nabbing a slew of fans in the process.

After working on acting projects for several years, the girls reformed under the moniker 78Violet and struck up a collaboration with producer David Kahne (who’s worked with an epic roster of artists including Lana Del Rey, Fleetwood Mac and Kelly Clarkson), and he helped them hone their sound for their upcoming debut LP.

Now working independent of their old label, Hollywood Records, they dropped their first single, “Hothouse,” this month to a fevered response — the swoony ’70s number, built on an infectious spooky-sad hook, went down smooth with old and new fans alike — and then debuted the stunning video for the track, an epic self-funded journey through the California mountains.

Currently finishing up their debut album under their new name, it’s easy to see that they’re headed for great things: They’re as clear-eyed and focused in their explanation of their sound as they are in their gratitude toward their fans who have supported them now that they’ve headed out on their own.

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