Rihanna Is Being Fined $47,050 For Missing Court Dates

It looks like all that time being spent changing hair colors and twerking on yachts is catching up to Rihanna! The singer has taken a legal page from Lindsay Lohan‘s book and is now being fined $47,050 for missing various court dates. RiRi sued her former accountants after they allegedly handled her finances poorly, and in retaliation, the accountants countersued stating she missed numerous appointments for depositions regarding the suit, and should be held accountable for her actions. Now, the judge has made a decision to take the side of the accountants.

Rihanna made it into the Top 5 on Forbes’ list of 30 top-earning celbrities under 30 list after earning $43 million, so the Bajan popstress shouldn’t have any issues paying her dues.

[via SPIN]