Beyonce’s Target Shopping Spree: Superhero Masks, Jay Z CDs & Kelly Rowland’s Latest

Beyonce famously popped into Target during a Mrs. Carter Show tour stop in Houston, Texas and now we know what she bought. (The new Tumblr pics aren’t tagged but unless King B makes a habit of hitting up Target, it’s pretty safe to assume the happy snaps are from the same trip). So what did Bey buy?

Superhero masks and new CDs. Like all good bargain shoppers the diva tried on a Batman mask in-store and took a couple of pics to make sure she looked cute. As for Third Ward Trill‘s exquisite taste in music, check out her purchases after the jump.

Great choices, B!Beyonce holds Jay Z and Kelly Rowland CDs

This will scare Blue Ivy.Beyonce in a Batman mask

I’m camping outside Target when Beyonce returns to Los Angeles on December 3. Who’s in?