Jay Z’s ‘Picasso Baby” Video Airs August 2 On HBO: Watch A Trailer

Jay Z may envision himself within castle walls in Magna Carta Holy Grail‘s “Picasso Baby,” but the trailer for HBO special Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film shows how the public, New York and art aficionados in particular, find the hip-hop monarch to be endearing. (As Hov once rapped, “Oh, what a feeling…”)

That’s right: Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” video, filmed inside Chelsea’s Pace Gallery, is now an HBO special. Still, as he faces a crowd and certain people on an individual basis — overjoyed women, performance artist Marina Abramovic, an incredibly busy Judd Apatow — and talks of how concerts can be compared to live exhibitions, Jay Z implies convincingly that in his mind, he still views himself as an underdog.

After all, what other rapper has catapulted to pop super-stardom, covered Forbes alongside Warren Buffett and starred in his own live exhibition featuring the famed Abramovic, in the same city hosting the projects where he grew up? As the trailer drives home without saying, no one. Picasso Baby airs August 2; for now, watch the clip up top.