Avicii Teams Up With Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers: Listen To “ID (Lay Me Down)”

Of-the-moment DJ Avicii has been teaming up with a litany of diverse stars on his forthcoming debut album #TRUE (hashtag true!) — and the latest collaboration features glam-pop singer Adam Lambert and iconic musician (and “Get Lucky” cameo-makerNile Rodgers. Avicii described the song, titled “ID (Lay Me Down),” to Digital Spy as having a “very disco” sound. He went on: “It’s kind of all over the place. It’s a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. It sounds like it’s going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about.”

He’s been testing the song at various music festivals over the past few weeks — and despite the low quality of the performance audio, “ID (Lay Me Down)” sounds like a potential hit with Lambert’s strong vocals and the feel-good production. The collaboration, alongside a song with Imagine Dragons, will be on #TRUE, out September 17.

Listen to “ID (Lay Me Down)” below.

[via Popjustice]

  • Yvette


  • Dawn

    Really like what I hear and can’t wait for the HQ version to come out. YEAH! Thanks for posting about this:-)

  • Ann Marrie

    I hope this song is released as a single. I REALLY can’t wait to hear it with HQ audio but even with poor quality sound, it’s AWESOME!!!

  • markus

    Put the ridicolous useless “dj avicii” (sic) into the closet and let REAL musicians and singers (like Nile and Lambert) do the entire job

  • barbara belle

    OMG, this is bloody awesome! Sounds like a dance chart hit! When will it be released?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ali-Goria/100002166668687 Ali Goria

    Throwbacks won’t get radio play. AGAIN. Adam needs BIG songs like Titanium.

  • barbls`

    Plz need a good audio! Love what I am hearing! Sounds fantastic! Don’t make us wait until September! Adam rocks my world!

  • nance druuu

    Love Adam Lambert – This is fabulous! Adam rocks like no other!

  • Yvette

    PLEASE RELAESE IT NOW! Can’t wait 2 months…just get it out and on the RADIO!…also, start playing Adams music on Radio! Soooo many amazing songs yet to be given Airplay! come on!!

  • HEP.

    Bring on “Lay me Down”!!!. PLEASE make this TRACK the second single..

  • Jodie

    Lambert s awesome enough on his own . Good for thr nite clubs