Avicii Teams Up With Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers: Listen To “ID (Lay Me Down)”

Jul 29th, 2013 // 11 Comments

Of-the-moment DJ Avicii has been teaming up with a litany of diverse stars on his forthcoming debut album #TRUE (hashtag true!) — and the latest collaboration features glam-pop singer Adam Lambert and iconic musician (and “Get Lucky” cameo-makerNile Rodgers. Avicii described the song, titled ”ID (Lay Me Down),” to Digital Spy as having a “very disco” sound. He went on: “It’s kind of all over the place. It’s a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. It sounds like it’s going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about.”

He’s been testing the song at various music festivals over the past few weeks — and despite the low quality of the performance audio, “ID (Lay Me Down)” sounds like a potential hit with Lambert’s strong vocals and the feel-good production. The collaboration, alongside a song with Imagine Dragons, will be on #TRUE, out September 17.

Listen to “ID (Lay Me Down)” below.

[via Popjustice]


  1. Yvette


  2. Dawn

    Really like what I hear and can’t wait for the HQ version to come out. YEAH! Thanks for posting about this:-)

  3. I hope this song is released as a single. I REALLY can’t wait to hear it with HQ audio but even with poor quality sound, it’s AWESOME!!!

  4. markus

    Put the ridicolous useless “dj avicii” (sic) into the closet and let REAL musicians and singers (like Nile and Lambert) do the entire job

  5. barbara belle

    OMG, this is bloody awesome! Sounds like a dance chart hit! When will it be released?

  6. Throwbacks won’t get radio play. AGAIN. Adam needs BIG songs like Titanium.

  7. barbls`

    Plz need a good audio! Love what I am hearing! Sounds fantastic! Don’t make us wait until September! Adam rocks my world!

  8. nance druuu

    Love Adam Lambert – This is fabulous! Adam rocks like no other!

  9. Yvette

    PLEASE RELAESE IT NOW! Can’t wait 2 months…just get it out and on the RADIO!…also, start playing Adams music on Radio! Soooo many amazing songs yet to be given Airplay! come on!!

  10. HEP.

    Bring on “Lay me Down”!!!. PLEASE make this TRACK the second single..

  11. Jodie

    Lambert s awesome enough on his own . Good for thr nite clubs

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