Bonnie McKee Performs “American Girl” Acoustic: Watch

Jul 31st, 2013 // 5 Comments
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It wasn’t enough to have Bonnie McKee swing by Idolator headquarters to talk about her new tunes and artistic vision, the song that got away (sigh!) and her working relationship with Katy Perry — no, the singer-songwriter and superstar-in-the-making also indulged us with a super-stripped-down acoustic performance of “American Girl,” her first song since signing as an artist to Epic Records.

With just two backing vocalists and guitar for support, the performance shows off McKee’s vocal prowess (those melismas toward the end!) and just how damn good a song “American Girl” is in its DNA — a classic, patriotic romp. 

Watch her performance up top, then grab “American Girl” on iTunes.


  1. carlos

    if she NEVER sings that chorus again my ears will thank her forever. she can’t reach those notes live, it won’t happen.

  2. I’m a fan of Bonnie but yikes! Her team gave the OK to post this performance?!

  3. ALP

    Umm, I’m a fan of Bonnies but I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for her. I felt like i was watching an SNL skit.

  4. Come on guys, don’t hate on her. After all, she wrote “Let There Be Love.”

  5. JG

    I think Bonnie has tons of writing skills as well as vocal. There were some times in this video that it sounded like she was screaming instead of singing. If she tones those parts down and just uses her gifted voice, this would have been a great performance and video.

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