Kaptn’s “Ricky Ricardo” (Deorro Remix): Idolator Premiere

Idolator Staff | August 2, 2013 9:00 am

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kaptn. The Miley Cyrus-approved rapper has dubbed himself The White Tyrese, but we have a few comparisons of our own that we think are apt: dude mixes the lyrical dexterity of Macklemore with LMFAO‘s cheeky party workouts and the cocksure swagger of early 3OH!3. (Oh, and he looks like a cleaned-up version of Das Racist affiliate Lakutis.)

Kaptn makes rap for the Project X set, and his latest single, “Ricky Ricardo,” is a sly romp that relies more on personality than bombastic beats. And for the remix, L.A. producer Deorro has taken Da Internz‘ original beat and turned it into a rumbling, horn-fueled banger. Hearing it, you could easily picture the rakish rapper spitting over something from Baauer or Major Lazer….and with co-signs from the likes of Miley and Timbaland, Kaptn may be doing just that in due time.

Head below for the “Ricky Ricardo” remix premiere.

The Deorro remix appears on Kaptn’s “Ricky Ricardo”: The Remixes bundle, out August 6 on Beatport.