Is Ke$ha Releasing “Supernatural” As The 4th Single From ‘Warrior”? New Remixes And Planned Promo

Despite the fact that Warrior is a near perfect pop album, Ke$ha has been experiencing diminishing returns on the charts this era. The unfortunately titled yet completely brilliant “Die Young” was a monster hit but “C’Mon” could only reach number 27 on the Hot 100, while “Crazy Kids” stalled at number 40. It leaves the penis-aficionado in a bit of a predicament. Does she keep trying, repackage the underperforming LP or simply move on to album number three? Given recent events, it would seem to be one of the first two options.

Lady Dolla isn’t acting like someone who is about to throw in the towel. Her tour is in full swing, she’s on the iHeartRadio Festival bill and recently signed on for a second season of her hit reality TV show. It would be a shame to waste all that promotion, which makes a fourth single — or a completely new one to spearhead a repackage — extremely logical. At the moment, “Supernatural” is the clear frontrunner. New remixes have been popping up online for the past month and it seems to be a fan favorite.

Personally, I’d love her to switch it up and go with something completely different like the touching yet utterly catchy quasi-ballad “Last Goodbye” or Iggy Pop rock duet “Dirty Love” but I’d be happy with anything from the album. It’s not to late to turn this around. One big hit and Ke$ha is back on track. Listen to some of the recently-surfaced “Supernatural” remixes below. It’s unclear whether they are official or not at this point.

Do you think K$ should release another single from Warrior or give it a rest? Let us know in the comments below.

  • JA

    I don’t think it matters whether they choose Supernatural or Last Goodbye. Both will be huge. She might as well keep trying because she’s already got some promo opportunities with her show, her tour and the iHeartRadio event and it’s better to keep her name out there on the radio and on the charts until she can put together a repackage with an EP that hopefully includes the ridiculously addictive Machine Gun Love.

  • Fan4me

    I think she might as well just go for it as a single. If it does well, great! If not, well at least she tried.

  • Thump Thump

    I vote for ‘Last Goodbye’ too, but honestly, every song on this record (bonus tracks included!) is single-worthy.

  • WD

    I disagree with the “diminishing returns” comment. Crazy Kids will soon outsell C’mon in the US and it was much bigger worldwide. It went top 30 in the UK and is gold in Australia. Lower Hot 100 position but higher sales. I’m reading comments from people on forums saying she should end the era. Why? She’s still clearly a profitable artist. Both her MTV show and her tour drove up album sales.

    When her US tour ended Warrior dropped out of the Billboard 200. It shows that people will buy the album when exposed to it’s best tracks. It makes sense to continue the era and release 2 or 3 more songs until she can get an EP ready. She can then do a re-release similar to Animal+Cannibal and who knows have 3 to 4 million in eventual sales. Her whole concept of being a warrior is not giving up. Fans shouldn’t be suggesting that she should.

    Since Kesha is directly signed to her producer, her 400K WW or so album sales aren’t terrible. She doesn’t have the high production costs that other artists have. I see no reason for RCA to end the era but they do need to take her in a different direction. I wish they had listened to her because the direction she wanted to take Warrior is what actually sells now.

  • Mike Wass

    It’s great to see love for “Last Goodbye”! I love it so much and really hope it’s a single. And I’m glad you all seem to agree with me that K$ should keep going!

  • WD

    I’m leaning toward wanting Supernatural as the next single even though I much prefer Last Goodbye. My feeling is this. If Last Goodbye is released next and underperforms then RCA will think that even changing direction didn’t result in success and end the era. If Supernatural is released next and underperforms, they might go ahead with a 5th single, possibly Last Goodbye due to fan demands, to see if changing direction will improve results. Hopefully, the combination of all 5 singles will generate a lot more interest in the album and keep Ke$ha in the public eye while she gets a follow up ready. Disappearing for months wouldn’t be good for her at all.

  • Igor Felipe Machado

    I think Supernatural is a safe choice, but Only Wanna Dance With You would be the best cut from the album to be a single right now, considering the current alt-pop/indie scenario that we’re in. And it would give a really fun music video, imo.

  • Mike Wass

    RCA needs to hire WD! I love Only Wanna Dance With You but I don’t think it’s as distinctive, catchy or immediate as “Supernatural” or “Last Goodbye”.

  • PJ

    She needs to release Supernatural before the summer is over as a final summer hit! I’m sure it will do great on the charts! Whether it does or doesn’t, Last Goobye needs to be released as the fifth and final single! I made my friends listen to that song and they all loved it and downloaded it!

  • PJ

    She needs to release Supernatural before the summer is over as a final summer hit! I’m sure it will do great on the charts! Whether it does or doesn’t, Last Goodbye needs to be released as the fifth and final single! I made my friends listen to that song and they all loved it and downloaded it!

  • xenia

    I think Supernatural is good as a single but, for the 5th I really would like Last Goodbye or Love Into The Light. There were people hating on ke$ha’s music untill I let them hear those 2 songs. now they’ve become ke$hafans. People would respect her more.

  • RJP

    Doesn’t matter which one she releases, she’s awesome!

  • Curtis

    The problem is Ke$ha’s isn’t being given enough promotion with her songs. Die Young was an excellent first single choice and charted very well. C’Mon is a good song but not single worthy, she should’ve just left it as a promo single with a music video. Crazy Kids is another highlight from the album but when she announced remixes of it with Will.I.Am, Pitbull & Juicy J that was the worst decision her label could’ve possibly made. She should’ve stayed with the album version to be a single. Imo, Supernatural is overrated. I know everyone likes it and its catchy but it is a bit repetitive and it just doesn’t jump out at me.

    To save this era I think Ke$ha would need to release rock/pop songs such as Thinking Of You, Only Wanna Dance With You and Gold Trans Am. Those as singles would be HUGE and with the right promotion would chart very high.

    Also pop songs like All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) & Out Alive would be very successful.

    I love Last Goodbye but it wouldn’t be played much on the radio. Especially here in the UK as all we seem to hear is dance, dance, dance -_-

    I think the single order should’ve been:

    Die Young
    All That Matters (The Beautiful Life)
    Thinking Of You
    Only Wanna Dance With You
    Crazy Kids
    Gold Trans Am
    Out Alive.

    Ke$ha wanted a more rock sound to her album so she should have released more rock songs as singles.

    Like I know that is 7 singles which sounds quite alot but there are artists out there releasing 8/9 singles from one album. Another problem is she never fully promoted Warrior e.g. No commercial advertisement, hardly performed any of her songs on big TV programs, she mainly sang songs from Animal&Cannibal for her latest tour….I could go on.

    I honestly don’t think a re-release is worth the time and effort because if her album has already flopped, what stops it from happening again?

    I just hope if she releases a 4th single (whatever it is) she will release more. By listening to this album, 4 singles is not enough.