Is Ke$ha Releasing “Supernatural” As The 4th Single From ‘Warrior”? New Remixes And Planned Promo

Despite the fact that Warrior is a near perfect pop album, Ke$ha has been experiencing diminishing returns on the charts this era. The unfortunately titled yet completely brilliant “Die Young” was a monster hit but “C’Mon” could only reach number 27 on the Hot 100, while “Crazy Kids” stalled at number 40. It leaves the penis-aficionado in a bit of a predicament. Does she keep trying, repackage the underperforming LP or simply move on to album number three? Given recent events, it would seem to be one of the first two options.

Lady Dolla isn’t acting like someone who is about to throw in the towel. Her tour is in full swing, she’s on the iHeartRadio Festival bill and recently signed on for a second season of her hit reality TV show. It would be a shame to waste all that promotion, which makes a fourth single — or a completely new one to spearhead a repackage — extremely logical. At the moment, “Supernatural” is the clear frontrunner. New remixes have been popping up online for the past month and it seems to be a fan favorite.

Personally, I’d love her to switch it up and go with something completely different like the touching yet utterly catchy quasi-ballad “Last Goodbye” or Iggy Pop rock duet “Dirty Love” but I’d be happy with anything from the album. It’s not to late to turn this around. One big hit and Ke$ha is back on track. Listen to some of the recently-surfaced “Supernatural” remixes below. It’s unclear whether they are official or not at this point.

Do you think K$ should release another single from Warrior or give it a rest? Let us know in the comments below.