Carrie Underwood’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme: Watch The Teaser

carrie underwood sunday night football
Gridiron Girl
Yes, it’s a little ridiculous that NBC has released a preview of a show’s intro theme, which itself is a preview. But this particular preview preview features Carrie Underwood singing things we haven’t heard her sing before, so we’re gonna talk about it! The teaser shows video of Underwood in the recording booth laying down a few sassy runs, interspersed with some NFL footage. At the end of the clip, Carrie belts out the trademark line, “Waiting all day for Sunday night.” 

Underwood is replacing Faith Hill as the singer in the show’s open. Hill held the job from 2007-12. Sunday Night Football premieres September 8 on NBC, so tune in if you want to see Carrie’s full opening theme (oh, and apparently there’s some sort of athletic contest immediately following the musical number?).

[via ONTD]

  • Lisa Jones

    Faith’s was better, Carrie’s is ZZZZzzzz

  • Chris

    Sorry Carrie >> But your version makes me want to go to sleep

  • Lisa

    Carrie is just boring now!

  • Mike

    Stupid song from a no talent girl

  • Cristina Harrell

    I think both Carrie and Faith’s version of this song is okay. It’s just that I don’t like the song itself. I don’t watch football either so whatever.

  • Mike

    Why do ugly whores hate Carrie so much?

    • Chris Cavros Sullivan

      your an idiot

    • Chris Cavros Sullivan

      Carrie Underwood?? really?? OMG your married to a hockey player leave FOOTBALL alone!!