Ibrawlator: The Wanted Vs. Justin Timberlake Vs. Enrique Iglesias, Who Really Owns The Night?

The Night is one of the most sought-after possessions in pop. (No, seriously…it is.)

And in the past few months, the night has been more in demand by some of pop’s biggest names than ever: Justin Timberlake‘s decided to “Take Back The Night,” Enrique Iglesias wants to “Turn The Night Up,” and now The Wanted have just swooped in with their confident declaration, “We Own The Night.”

So, we have to ask: Who’s really maintaining control of the night?

Vote for your favorite night-taker below. We’ll reveal the results right here on Friday, August 10!

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner! Congratulations, Enrique — the night is yours!

Final tally:

Enrique Iglesias: 71% Justin Timberlake: 17% The Wanted: 11%

Who do you think runs the night? Tell us in the comments below!