Ibrawlator: The Wanted Vs. Justin Timberlake Vs. Enrique Iglesias, Who Really Owns The Night?

The Night is one of the most sought-after possessions in pop. (No, seriously…it is.)

And in the past few months, the night has been more in demand by some of pop’s biggest names than ever: Justin Timberlake‘s decided to “Take Back The Night,” Enrique Iglesias wants to “Turn The Night Up,” and now The Wanted have just swooped in with their confident declaration, “We Own The Night.”

So, we have to ask: Who’s really maintaining control of the night?

Vote for your favorite night-taker below. We’ll reveal the results right here on Friday, August 10!

UPDATE: We’ve got a winner! Congratulations, Enrique — the night is yours!

Final tally:

Enrique Iglesias: 71%
Justin Timberlake: 17%
The Wanted: 11%

Who do you think runs the night? Tell us in the comments below!

  • christine arrighino

    You, all this people who criticize ENRIQUE with so much hatred, you’re jealous, you’re seriously ill !!!
    personally I’m ENRIQUE ‘s fan, but I don’t criticize other artists!
    this is my last message on this site!
    I have much more interesting things to do! For example, listen ENRIQUE


    • JT FAN

      Ok jealous?? please give us a break already and go listen to your only artist that you probably know of and listen to and have a good time……..yes we have seen much criticized remarks about JT hear and elsewhere from enrique fans, they cant stand the heat when hes up against a better artist and they just go crazy voting non stop,,,,,little do they know this poll means nothing or the other polls hes probably on because his song simply SUCKS! and is going nowhere!!!!!

  • Hitayesha

    some ppl need to STFU !! no #enriquette ever said something wrong in a word about ur idol n we xpected the same !! its just a poll !! Enrique is the best !!

    • JT FAN

      Once again we do not consider JT our IDOL!!!!!!!! that is sick!!!! i can name hundreds of people that i would consider my idol, just because i love his music and him as a person and think his talent is amazing ,i still do not consider him my idol,,,,, this is whats wrong with you enrique fans,,, you simply have no life and enrique is your life, i wonder how many of you understand his spanish music and speak the language because if you dont and you say you do, thats really a JOKE!!! does not matter if you put it on the translator,,its not the same as speaking the language and understanding the music and feeling it,, i myself speak 4 languages and i truly understand and enjoy the music in those languages, if i did not understand them i would not listen, it makes no sense…..You obviously thin you know enrique personally,,,,surprise, you don’t, so dont say he does not say anything bad about anybody,,,,,ill say it again he puts on a very good front for his fans cause he knows he needs them and thats where his money comes from!!! I read he has a bad temper and a filthy mouth so dont tell me or anybody else to shut the fu-k up!!! you shut the fu-k up and go listen to your IDOL

  • Gib 305EI

    Enrique won this poll!! He is the best, proven from this poll.


      Can you tell us here what he won? thank you..

    • Staci

      LOLOLOL!!! This poll means nothing…have you looked at any of the music charts lately?? The Wanted and JT BOTH are doing better than Enrique!!! You wacko Enrique fans go pat yourselves on the back for laboring over this poll while the rest of us watch JT and The Wanted on the awards shows!! Oh, sorry, is Enrique performing on the VMAs..hahaha, didn’t think so!

  • JT FAN

    And what is proven? That he won this poll because his sicko fans vote day and night because they have nothing to do with their lives? Does he get an award? What does it mean? What does it mean if he wins any of any polls out there? NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!! His song SUCKS! No Promo on it, Its never played on the radio, as a matter of fact i was listening to a radio station this morning from LA California, wont give out what station and they were talking sh-t about how bad enriques song is and how its not going to be a hit, it already would have been, they were all laughing as well as me! Enrique is not the best! In your eyes only! JT is a much better artist, singer, writer, performer, producer, etc. etc. etc.. post the link please of the award he gets for this poll——–waiting,,,,,,LMFAO


    Uhhhh? what did he win? Best song of the year? hehehe ‘BLURRED LINES’ BY ROBIN THICKE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR!! Watch and see..

  • lynique

    love anything Enrique sings – he has an amazing emotional passionate style. Like Justin, too, but he doesn’t get me anywhere near as excited as Enrique!

    • JTFAN

      How excited does Enrique get you? Can you keep up with such excitement? LOL How old are you LYNIQUE? Jut curious? LOL Justin can get anyone going anytime! Going to see him at I heart Radio show, cant wait! Poor enrique, was he invited?

  • jane

    SAKIS ROUVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FinLand Jaruttjinda

    hmmmm well for me both of them EI & JT both is talent
    1. the’re from 90′s but EI hv huege fans in latin n english but JT from Nsync b4 they were doubt with BSB THAT TIME NOT SURPRISE IF PPL THINK JT OR EI COPI LYRIC CUZ ITS USED TO HV RUMOR B4
    2. EI his talent is from DNA prov look bg of this family they r born to b but JT he from mickey mouse club .”if someone realize that he came along with brithney spears b4″ so he hv prove by producer since that time he hv talent since he was young
    3. pls respect on ur own favorite b4 u judge now aday pls looking back to c what they did b4 both of them never on singing contest, never use media as media populations or born from youtube smth meant to back in period b4 internet easy to use they have TALENT AND BORN TO BE
    4. doesnt matter all of us yelling here they didnt see it right? as well whos know they may hangout with each other? and also why wont jst yell on newbie singer as JB 1D they’re using old name of pupular song using a name but different lyric better?
    5. EI n JT both is a human as us he good either he bad same other person if u love ur own favorite pls respect others fans too music n artist is idol for us but they nt our family

    ps. im EI fans who was listen since SOLO EN TI also listen JT since YO TE VOY AMAR when he with Nsynce n date with BS

  • christine

    enrique iglesias is past 10 years now like ricky martin.SAKIS ROUVAS THE TOP OF THE TOP!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaYpTHpAmUs

  • teppie