Lady Gaga’s New ‘ARTPOP’ Song “Aura” Has Leaked: Listen

Does anyone know what Lady Gaga is doing? I didn’t before and I certainly don’t now, upon listening to the first song to leak from her upcoming ARTPOP album, supposedly called “Aura” (original reports were that it was called “Burqa,” but really at this point who knows) which surfaced online tonight in some half-finished demo form. It may not be representative of the final song, but still, it’s safe to assume that the bones of the track are here.

And how are those bones? Well, even the fact that I have to continue typing the title ARTPOP out in all caps, feeling stupidly complicit in the ham-fisted neo-Warholian performance art buffoonery that’s become her career, it all just feels demoralizing. As a title, ARTPOP is about as subtle as a falling piano. Or a falling dadaist print of a piano. Whatever.

“Aura” is all of the best and worst things about Lady Gaga amplified. It kicks off with weird filtered vocals, like a terrible Nancy Sinatra affectation, then yields to a Halloween-goofy, dissonant “Ha ha ha” bit, as clownish as “Monster Mash,” before big, brazenly conventional EDM production struts in, tinny and uninspiring. It feels like “Government Hooker,” but messier, less cohesive, and more annoying. Her pronunciation is garbled. Her voice sounds dry. It’s a miss.

And then, just when it feels completely hopeless, she breaks free of all the posturing with a pop hook that’s absolutely transcendent, euphoric and properly enormous, as stupefyingly great a refrain as anyone could desire: “Do you wanna see me naked, lover? Do you wanna peek underneath the cover? Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?” It’s a magical moment, as terrific as the chorus of “Bad Romance” or any of her other best songs. It proves that she’s still got it, that she’s still capable of creating music that hinges on songcraft over vague political statements and grandstanding — but the finery of that chorus is contaminated by her maddening insistence on being so clumsily artistic in the rest of the song.

Here’s the thing: Lady Gaga will always have her fans who will defend her fiercely, but this is beginning to feel exhausting. Nobody asked for art pop. We just wanted good pop songs. They’re not mutually exclusive; The Fame Monster is one of the best pop releases of the last decade, and its artistic sensibility is cogently drawn and dynamic. This is not. This is weird and frustrating and great and terrible and brilliant and a failure all at once.

Remember when Lady Gaga was just great? Yeah, me too. Maybe “Applause” will be better.

Listen below.

Lady Gaga — “Aura”

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  • Josh

    “As a title, ARTPOP is about as subtle as a falling piano.” – I laughed out loud at this for real. But if you are looking for subtle….. Gaga is NOT the one. Just a hint.

  • Kate

    This song is not from ARTPOP. It’s just a remix. Get your facts straight.

  • Layne

    the music is beautiful, Criticisms are to leave Lady Gaga in ridiculous? I’m sorry but did not certo.Sutil not, is a mix with POP ART, Lady GaGa is coming back to reclaim the Pop that scarce.

  • Connor Harmsworth

    I like the song, but it’s a good point, she’s catering to the EDM crowd, I’m apart of it myself but it gets a little old, whats wrong with some good ol fashioned fierce pop music

  • Pasha Babayev

    Dear idolator, remember, it’s just a demo! -_-

  • gio

    Madonna she is not. The Queen of pop always knew how to please her fans.

    • Cristian Solano-Cordova

      “The song really doesn’t have a pro/anti stance about anything other than pro-choice. Gaga does not claim to be saving women from the burqa or does she try be an ally to a culture she’s not apart of. Although it’s funny because the issue of burqas and just the modesty of women in general, regardless of stance, is often a heated topic and in itself shows the scope that women have to hit a nerve (and Gaga like always, has definitely hit this nerve).

      Modesty garments used in a forced oppressive manner is somewhat a testament to just how powerful the sexuality of a woman is— in that it is crucial in the eyes of God, and the function of society to be completely covered and concealed. Alternatively, the burqa used in the pro-choice manner for a woman to conceal as she pleases, upsets white Western feminists who claim that the Muslim woman is only bringing oppression among herself.

      The opposing views on modesty ties in well with Gaga’s contrasting voices in different parts of the song. The sweet, teasing, seductive voice in “Do you want to see me naked, lover? Do you want a peak underneath the cover?” show a sexual power, while the screaming, dominate, (and almost demonic voice) in other lines like “I am not a wandering slave, I am a woman of choice”, seems as if it’s presenting both sides to the issues, and presenting the complexity of women and their own personal perceptions of what is power and liberation. Gaga tries to connect the experiences to her own Western privileged womanhood, and specifically her experiences as a wig wearing, make up packing, pussy flashing pop star. The song is ultimately a tribute to just how powerful a woman can be. A power that transcends culture and conditions”. – Some dude on tumblr

  • chaz

    SO this is the first TURD from ARTPOOP ?

  • Sam

    I think it’s gonna be like Bad Romance. When that leaked fans were excited but it was very disappointing but when the actual version premiered everyone as like OMG and it became one of the best pop songs of the decade. Same with her song Judas

  • Hello_Again

    Heard part of this on the radio the other day (and just the chorus at that) and wasn’t impressed. Seems like Gaga’s magic was only good on her first album.

  • Shain

    She’s always with different style.
    Jobs for 15 year olds check


    The song is amazing! I love the lyrics. I think its about doing things not because others want you to do them. AMAZING DANCE SONG

  • Stacey Lockheart

    Guys her full album has leaked and even interscope confirmed it