Fefe Dobson Leaves Behind A “Legacy” In New Single: Listen

Aug 6th, 2013 // 5 Comments
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Canadian pop chanteuse Fefe Dobson seemed hotly tipped for a big takeover with her third album, 2010′s Joy, which was packed with American-sounding pop hits like “Ghost” and “Stuttering.” Alas, it wasn’t in the cards for Dobson, who went quiet after that. (At least as far as I knew, but hey, I’m no Fefe Dobson expert or anything. It’s not like I own physical copies of all of her albums. That would be weird.)

At any rate, she’s just dropped a new single titled “Legacy” through the most quintessentially Canadian distribution channel possible (that is, it premiered on Degrassi), and it’s great — much less slick than the Joy era. There’s a little bit of a fun. vibe — a certain sweet aggression, pounding drums — with filtered vocals that evoke Icona Pop and a chorus that wouldn’t feel out of place on Tegan & Sara‘s last album. But the mix of pop sensibility and an unbratty punk edge is quintessentially Dobson.

Is it getting an American radio release? Probably not. Will it lead to another album, maybe one that doesn’t get canned the way Sunday Love did? I hope so.

Listen below.

Fefe Dobson — “Legacy”

  1. Anna

    I LOVE THIS!!! So catchy. #teamfefe


    Where can I buy this song? Not on itunes yet in the US…..I neeeed this song.

  3. alicia_xo

    this could be her breakout hit. i’ve loved Fefe since grade 8 and she’s is definitely underrated!! show some love, she’s super talented.

  4. Michael

    Love this

  5. SR

    I mean why would it be weird to own fefe albums….

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