Miley Cyrus Announces Album Title: ‘BANGERZ’

Well, Miley Cyrus has gone and unveiled the title of her upcoming fourth studio album: It’s called BANGERZ — because, as she explains, it’s “Nothin but #BANGERZ.” In fairness, that’s not a bad explanation. Also in fairness, that’s sort of an embarrassing title. The all caps. The Z. Unless it’s self-conscious, tongue-in-cheek and/or ironic. But since it’s Miley, I don’t get the sense that it is. At least it’s not “BANGAZ.” Right?

That said, “We Can’t Stop” remains one of the most weirdly dazzling pop singles of the summer, and the few seconds of the Dr. Luke-produced track “Wrecking Ball” sounded equally sensational, so let’s just put our confidence in Miley to get this era right. It’s been pretty solid so far.

In her own words:

No word yet on when the album drops, but it’ll probably come when she’s good and ready and don’t you dare try to rush her artistic journey.