DeeDee Loves Me Is The Next UK Singer You’re Going To Fall For: Hear Her Pop Gem “Compulsory”

Budding pop songstresses are a dime a dozen, but when they come bearing the gift of songs crafted with UK songwriter/producer Ian Masterson (the man behind a chunk of Dannii Minogue‘s 2003 pleaser Neon Nights, don’t you know?), we here at Idolator prick up our ears.

Given that, it’s time for us to introduce you to DeeDee Loves Me, a young British singer described as “the lovechild of Ziggy Stardust and Natalie Wood,” whose songs we’ve had stuck on repeat around these parts for the past week or so. We’re finding our own splendor in the grass with shimmery dance floor atom bomb “Mirrors And Discoballs” and the glorious Blondie throwback “Compulsory” — the latter of which contains this quirky admission: “I’d take a bullet and grow a mullet, just to hug you, yes I’m desperate.”

Hear those two cuts below, along with a few others by this London-based up-and-comer. Warning: you will fall into delirious amore with DeeDee Loves Me.

DeeDee Loves Me — “Compulsory”

DeeDee Loves Me — “Mirrors And Discoballs”

DeeDee Loves Me — “Everybody’s Out To Get Me”

DeeDee Loves Me — “The Undesirables”