Usher’s Ex Wants Custody Following Pool Incident

Call it an unfortunate climax: Following an accident on Monday in which Usher‘s son nearly drowned in a residential swimming pool, his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond is calling for a hearing to revisit custody rulings over their two children Usher V (“Cinco”), 5, and Naviyd Ely, 4.

In paperwork filed today in Georgia, Foster Raymond alleges that Usher isn’t around enough because of his various responsibilities as being, y’know, Usher. The caregivers (which includes his aunt, Rena Oden, who was supervising Cinco during the pool incident) to whom parental responsibilities are largely delegated, she says, aren’t doing an adequate job. She’s requesting temporary custody.

Given the acrimonious nature of their split, it’s a tough situation for all parties. Here’s hoping a friendly resolution can be reached to avoid things getting so heated that they, well, “Burn.”

[via USA Today]