The Killers Worked With M83’s Anthony Gonzalez On New Song

Great news for anyone (like, say, me) who misses the Hot Fuss days when The Killers were New Wavers and frontman Brandon Flowers was rocking guyliner and a bad British accent: the Vegas band has enlisted M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez for a new track. Speaking to, guitarist Dave Keuning said the band recored one song with the French producer/musician, which they hope to release “soon.”

“I can’t promise a date, but I think we would like to release the song on some level,” Keuning said. “I’m not saying a new album is going to come out or anything like that. But sometimes people just put out songs or it gets used for some kind of compilation. We’d like to get a new song out there soon.” There’s even a chance that The Killers call on Gonzalez to produce for them again. “I think it’s definitely possible,” Keuning said.

If anyone can get Flowers to drop the dusty Americana tales and again tap into some John Hughes dayglo emotions, it’s Anthony Gonzalez, who of course is responsible for nostalgic synth-pop anthems like “Graveyard Girl” and “Midnight City.”

[via Pitchfork]

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