Rihanna Facing Lawsuit Over Grandmother’s Funeral

Rihanna is in hot water over the funeral of her beloved Gran Gran Dolly, who passed away in June 2012 — but the singer’s rep says it’s all a misunderstanding. (Heard that before!)

TMZ reports that upon the death of Rihanna’s grandmother (real name: Ciara Brathwaite), Rihanna had the body sent to Barbados for a funeral that included “tents, multi-media large screens [and] huge exotic floral arrangements,” totaling $150,000. The company that arranged the ceremony says Rihanna only paid a quarter of her final tab. 

But! Rihanna’s rep tells TMZ that reports of an outstanding balance are “completely false.” So, there’s that.

Since 150K is a drop in the bucket for the ratchet princess, it’s hard to imagine that this is anything more than a miscommunication. Just don’t expect her to apologize. #unalopogetic

[via TMZ]