Rihanna Facing Lawsuit Over Grandmother’s Funeral

Rihanna Facing Lawsuit Over Grandmother’s Funeral

Rihanna is in hot water over the funeral of her beloved Gran Gran Dolly, who passed away in June 2012 — but the singer’s rep says it’s all a misunderstanding. (Heard that before!)

TMZ reports that upon the death of Rihanna’s grandmother (real name: Ciara Brathwaite), Rihanna had the body sent to Barbados for a funeral that included “tents, multi-media large screens [and] huge exotic floral arrangements,” totaling $150,000. The company that arranged the ceremony says Rihanna only paid a quarter of her final tab. 

But! Rihanna’s rep tells TMZ that reports of an outstanding balance are “completely false.” So, there’s that.

Since 150K is a drop in the bucket for the ratchet princess, it’s hard to imagine that this is anything more than a miscommunication. Just don’t expect her to apologize. #unalopogetic

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