Idolator Takeover: Which Pop Star Should Take Over The Site For Labor Day?

Aug 8th, 2013 // 3 Comments

Idolator Takeover lets our readers decide which pop star should rule our site all day long, turning a national holiday into a pop holiday.

Labor Day’s coming up on September 2, and we’ve got an exciting new franchise to announce: Idolator Takeover! We’re handing the site over for the day with a full day of programming dedicated to just one pop star: Thinkpieces, polls, galleries — all day long! But, it’s up to our loyal readers (YOU!) to tell us which pop star you’d like to see featured for the day.

Want to see post after post about Miss Miley and her BANGERZ? Or endless ARTPOP-induced Lady Gaga stanning? Or, are you craving a full day of Spearitual worship dedicated to Miss Britney Spears?

Place your vote for the pop star you’d like Idolator to cover all day long on Labor Day below. We’ll announce the winner on Thursday, August 15!

UPDATE: And the winner is…Britney Spears, with 45% of the vote! We heard you scream and shout loud and clear, B fans! Prepare for a whole ‘lotta Brit Brit on Labor Day.

45% – Britney Spears
18% – Lady Gaga
18% – Miley Cyrus
9% – Katy Perry
8% – Beyonce


  1. Londontown

    Britney, the princess of pop

  2. The AMAZING Queen Spears. ♥

  3. Sarah

    The Living Legend Miss Britney Spears. Godney kills.

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