Whatcha Say: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake Got Our Readers Talking

In this week’s Ibrawlator, we declared a three-way battle to see which act is really maintaining control of the night: Justin Timberlake with “Take Back The Night,” The Wanted with “We Own The Night,” or Enrique Iglesias with “Turn The Night Up.” It was a fight to the finish and our comments section got quite heated — but alas, someone must come out on top. Click here to see who won!

Battling pop starlets Katy Perry and Lady Gaga continued promo for their upcoming lead singles in quite different fashions: Ms. Perry chose to go the more traditional route, releasing teaser videos and the single cover to stir anticipation–while Gaga got naked, released a new promo pic. Plus, an unfinished demo from the ARTPOP sessions leaked!

In other news, Beyonce continued to create buzz while touring in support of nothing at all, playing Brooklyn and bringing out Jay Z as a not-so-surprising special guest. Robin Thicke continues to have a great summer by scoring his first number one album on the Billboard 200 and filling in for Daft Punk on The Colbert Report. Miley Cyrus finally hit 13 million followers on Twitter and released the name of her upcoming album, BANGERZ. Additionally, we were treated to music video premieres by Jessie J, Fergie and CHVRCHES.

Check out some of the week’s best comments below!

:: When we asked who was texting Selena Gomez on the set of “Slow Down” in this week’s Caption This, Derek C. had his eyes peeled tight on Selena’s iPhone: “From Janet, saying ‘I like what you did with my Rhythm Nation outfit.'”

:: The official studio version of Beyonce‘s “Grown Woman” hit the web and while fans were pleased, it seems as though the excitement of the track has worn off a bit. Matt Davis voiced his opinion on The Official Studio Version Of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” Leaks: Listen To The Unreleased Gem: “Queen Bey, why’d you take the “It Ain’t No Fun” sample? Literally BEST PART OF THE SONG!? Other than that, it’s still a really great song, but DEFINITELY too late for a single release! This song is a defo bop, but the hype is unfortunately gone. It should be kept on the album, but a big nono for a single, or at least the first one. SOTS would have been a summer smash too, but it’s a bit too late for that one too. Momma Bey is leaving us high and dry :(”

:: Little Monsters got their first taste of Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP this week when an unfinished demo from the album’s sessions leaked. While the polarizing track received mixed opinions from fans and haters alike, Sam reminded listeners that the track is still in it’s unfinished form on Lady Gaga’s New ‘ARTPOP’ Song “Aura” Has Leaked: Listen: “I think it’s gonna be like Bad Romance. When that leaked fans were excited but it was very disappointing but when the actual version premiered everyone as like OMG and it became one of the best pop songs of the decade. Same with her song Judas”

Eric kept things pretty impartial when sharing his opinions on the leaked Gaga track: “As for this demo, its pretty rough. There are aspects of it that I like and aspects of it that I dislike. I, in contrast to you, find the chorus to be the worst part of the demo. It sounds the most uninspired imo. Her vocals in the majority of the verses I enjoyed the most, although the “breakdown” did absolutely nothing for me. The intro is questionable, although I feel the need to say that the radio rip leaked (;was quickly removed) and had no “ha has’.”

:: Katy Perry is hitting all the right marks in the PRISM era. Jim loved the singer’s minimalistic look in her new promo image on Katy Perry Unveils New Photo For ‘Prism’ Album Campaign: “that’s a woman I might want to listen to, as opposed to the plastic pop star.” Mendel Newton praised Perry for creating exciting teasers on Katy Perry Teases “Roar” With Hilariously Morbid New Video: Watch: “That is what a genius does, right ? something unique and creative. Love you Katy Perry. Can’t wait for Aug 12”

:: News of Ke$ha releasing “Supernatural” as the fourth single from Warrior got her fans speculating. JA had a few words to say about what should happen next in the Warrior era on Is Ke$ha Releasing “Supernatural” As The 4th Single From ‘Warrior”? New Remixes And Planned Promo: “I don’t think it matters whether they choose Supernatural or Last Goodbye. Both will be huge. She might as well keep trying because she’s already got some promo opportunities with her show, her tour and the iHeartRadio event and it’s better to keep her name out there on the radio and on the charts until she can put together a repackage with an EP that hopefully includes the ridiculously addictive Machine Gun Love.”

:: Underrated pop star Fefe Dobson released “Legacy,” the lead single off her upcoming third album and alicia_xo had kind words for the Canadian artist’s new track on Fefe Dobson Leaves Behind A “Legacy” In New Single: Listen: “this could be her breakout hit. i’ve loved Fefe since grade 8 and she’s is definitely underrated!! show some love, she’s super talented.”

:: News of a Sia and Jennifer Lopez collaboration didn’t excite Marie800, who took the time to speak her mind on Now Jennifer Lopez Is In The Studio With Sia, Too: “Nobody can save JLO’s singing career. And she knows it thus her deal with American Idol, the only way to stay in the spotlight.”

:: During a recent appearance on Kelly & MichaelGlee star Chris Colfer revealed a bit about Adam Lambert‘s role in the upcoming season. Sherry Sullivan had some thoughts on the pop star’s new gig on Chris Colfer Talks Adam Lambert On ‘Kelly & Michael’: “He’s Going To Play My Nemesis!”: “Love that Chris is excited about working with Adam and it’s definitely going to be fun and interesting watching Kurt & Adam’s character go at it. Adam is perfect addition to GLEE with his background in children’s and musical theater. Can’t wait for Fall.”

:: As things got heated in this week’s Ibrawlator, Lauren was the voice of reason amongst a sea of devoted fans on Ibrawlator: The Wanted Vs. Justin Timberlake Vs. Enrique Iglesias, Who Really Owns The Night?: “Ok can the JT fans on here stop getting so pressed over an Idolator poll? Go vote for the VMA’s. As an Enrique fan I was a bit disappointed in the song but I do enjoy it more than Take Back The Night. Enrique and JT are not the same so stop comparing. Enrique is very talented and no he did not use his dad for fame. JT is also very talented. Now shut up and vote for your fav.”

:: Lana Del Rey‘s performance at Lollapalooza had the crowd and fans watching online all riled up, including Joshua who shared his thoughts on the Coney Island Queen’s performance on Lollapalooza 2013: Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Young & Beautiful”: The crowd is REALLY feeling this one, which is great to see/hear. I love this song, and Lana. She is a true gem of talent.”