Rihanna’s 8th Studio Album In As Many Years Is Apparently Due In November

Rihanna‘s annual LP is coming in November — at least according to an article posted on Italian MTV. They report that new material “will be worked on in the next few weeks” and surface towards the end of the year.  Adding weight to this vague theory are recent comments by EMD-heavyweight Nicky Romero.

The DJ said that he’s working on new music for RiRi with David Guetta that sounds “out of the box”. Together they crafted the Kadooment Day babe‘s current single “Right Now”, which has — interestingly enough — underperformed on the charts.

Releasing a new album per year has been a winning formula for Rihanna thus far — at least as far as singles sales go. But with the exception of Loud and Good Girl Gone Bad, her LPs have struggled to go platinum.

Perhaps if the 25-year-old took longer to work on a project and focused more on the quality, she might get a better response? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Andi

    While I agree with this article, you made a mistake. Loud, Talk That Talk, and Unapologetic have all actually gone Platinum.

    • KammieRogers

      Pay attention to the text sweetheart. They didn’t say the albums DIDN’T go platinum. They said that they struggled to do so, meaning that it has taken them a while. Rihanna’s definitely a winner and you have no other choice to respect her grind, but I think that taking her time with each project AS WELL AS actually making videos and singles out of more songs from each album would do her well. Her latest album is one of her best (behind Rated R in my opinion), and she only made videos from two songs. It had so much more potential, but I think she’s too focused on moving on to the next thing. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s a lot of missed opportunities.

      • Soramaro

        Talk That Talk and Unapologetic, for example, went platinum in less than an year so I wouldn’t call that “struggling”. There are many popstars nowadays who would love to release an album every year and sell 1 million with each one like Rihanna; only her debut didn’t go Platinum. She’s consistent and the fact that she releases an album every year does not mean the album doesn’t have any quality so I also think that’s poor word choice on that article.

  • Bernard and india walker

    What quality is missing from right now. We are waiting for album 8 in 8 yrs . Rihanna is looking at this like car set up for a racing track . You can tell 85 % of what you need by past expierence . 15 left is changes in rules and public opinion . We both love auto racing. Some of the concepts apply . Doubting Rihanna at this point. 15 vevo’s 7 grammies DWT all sell~ out dates . Is like saying her snake bikini has no charm . Or the EllE photo shoot was not a hit . Or she doesn’t look hot in Island ” WHITE ” . SEE any waisted space yet . N A W me either.BANK ON THIS NOT BEING THE END ~ KOOL~ BETCHA I’M RIGHT . SHE’S NOT SAYING THIS IS HER LAST ALBUM .

  • Kurt

    Rihanna needs to take a 2-3 year break. focus on quality of her album and comeback with a superb release! Everyone is tired of her generic singles. -_-

    • Simon

      That is the problem she releases GENERIC ALBUMS. What Rihanna needs to do is not release an album for like 5 years & just pump out high quality singles then in 5 years time she could release a kind of greatest hits best of package that would sell truckloads but her record company is not thinking about that, all they are focused on is keeping up with the disposable Internet generation… music has changed & not for the better & I don’t mean to be negative but if you think it’s bad now people in ten years time it’s only gonna worse :( FACT!!!!!!!

      • MJS

        not fact. opinion.

  • buens

    T is 4 #tired

  • buens

    stop petting that thirsty #pussycat …..yah guys been doing it for decades and it was a turn off then…….you think u a bit original with yourzzz #pettingdatpussycat all you are is cliché cliché cliché…

  • WTF?

    What a ridiculous article. They’ve all gone platinum in under a year, and manage to sell 3-4x more internationally, I wouldn’t call that struggling. And if it is then every act in the world is “struggling”. It’s not an albums market anymore, I know that’s difficult for people to understand, so they downplay her, the most successful singles artist of the digital age. You won’t find an artist out today that’s selling more albums than their single releases, it’s not the 90′s anymore.

    “Right Now” isn’t an official single, it was a radio release like “Pour it up”. The fact it’s charting at all means it’s over performing. If she wanted to do the promo for it then it would hit the top 10 like everything else she does. The fact she doesn’t overexpose herself is the reason she’s been able to release this many albums in as many years. But, you know, downplay that too. Being negative and spinning a story is always more newsworthy than portraying the truth. Clearly the writer doesn’t know what they’re talking about or doesn’t care to.

    • buylotusonitunesnow

      The fact that she has released 8 albums in 8 years means she is overexposed.

  • Courtney

    i completely agree with this article. but some of these comments are wrong. unapologetic and talk that talk did not go platinum but it was popular. at least it reached the top. she only had two good songs on unapologetic pour it up, right now, and loveee. talk that talk had only 3 good ones too where have you been, you da one and talk that talk.
    But rated r , loud and good girl gone bad was the BEST now those reached platinum! loud had S&M, cheers( drink to that ), only girl ( in the world ) , California King Bed, Man down, Raining Men, and Love the way you lie! Those were all SMASH HITS. Rihanna needs to take a break and take time and effort to her albums like she used to.

    • Lesli

      The article has wrong info. Unapologetic is her best seeking album to date and has sold 3 mil so far…

  • buylotusonitunesnow

    Oh my god this woman needs to take a break.
    For her i guess its quantity over quality.

  • Hello_Again

    She needs to sit down and relax

  • Lesli

    All Rihanna’s albums have gone platinum so I do. Understand this article.

  • Lesli


  • CDogg

    She is doing just as well or better than the hottest artists out there even though she releases an album every year. Unapologetic was her fastest album to reach 1mil in sales #fact. So theres nothing wrong with her formula. And there is as much quality in her music as most other artists. Her style is different and she does not sound generic. She is a trend setter. Whatever genre she attempts, she kills it. Y’all need to leave her alone. Yes I agree if she had released more singles with videos (Right Now, Nobody’s Business, Loooove Song, etc) she may have sold more albums and definitely more singles. Lets look at Katy Perry, her biggest competitionn (aside from the obvious Adele) in my opinion, who releases an album every 2 year, her albums do relatively well but its her singles that bring her to the forefront. Her last album started off at a measely 130K and had it not been for the re-issue she would not have sold more than 2 mil, despite having 6 mega selling singles from the original album. I could go on and on but I believe there is nothing wrong with RiRi’s methodology. She is the hottest start out there, just compare her with any other artist on the world stage, not just America and you’ll see what I speak of #rihanna navy

  • April Zanin


  • Randy Robbins

    I’m sure unapologetic went platinum in fact I thought it went multi platinum it was Rihanna’s best album yet all those Caribbean elements and a lot more of her sounds were r&b themed this time I always thought of Rihanna as one of the best artists in the industry cause she has that unique voice she’s definitely underrated she should not be a pop artist she should do more r&b songs way to good for that mainstream crap. Can’t wait for the next album cause I just loved pour it up diamonds lost in paradise right now what now and get it over with mother Mary and Loveeeeeee song

  • CI CI Lewinsky Bash
  • bouncer

    If u ain’t a fan jst shut the ** up, this iz our platform, #rihanna has been doin the best, if dat ain’t so who the h**l are the 5 female stars dat exceeds her, I’m tell you riri iz giving us the quality music we scanning for, so one more tym shut the ** up

  • urahaterbyefelicia

    how fucking dare you she always gets an Amazing response from her fans and nonfans alike she always has quality stuff out thats why shes so damn FAMOUS in less than 11 years. hater.