A New Beyonce Video Is On Its Way, But For What?

Aug 10th, 2013 // Comment
beyonce short hair

Beyonce may not even have an official single out now, but according to two unusual sources, she does have a new video in the works. New York artist DJ Harris and sports columnist Jeremy Bauman both say that the “Grown Woman” plans to spend this weekend filming a new video in a spacious backyard belonging to Bauman’s grandmother.

Where and for what, however, neither has said. (They likely can’t either; within an hour after posting, both have since deleted their tweets and a photo of the set.) To recap this #BeyPatient era: While her moving Detroit tribute did get the video treatment, Beyonce has yet to officially release a new single; “Standing in the Sun” was debuted via H&M campaign, while “Grown Woman” was performed live and leaked. According to a rep, she’s yet to actually finish her new album.

That said, there’s only one potential reason left for a video: an HD look at her new pixie cut. (Okay, but seriously, Beyhive — thoughts?) Check out DJ Harris’ Twitter updates after the jump.

[via @Bey_Exclusive]


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