Jessie J Denies Reports That Her New Album Is Titled ‘Gold’: Watch

Jessie J may want to keep her new album title a secret, but in order to squash rumors, she provided just one other detail. “It really represents where I am at my life right now and how I feel about my life,” she said to Capital FM. “But it’s not called Gold.”

Jessie J was refuting what Glamour UK had reported in its August 2013 cover story. By the time that issue hit stands, the “It’s My Party” star said that her album title was a word she repeated throughout her 2011 debut Who You Are — and it’s not Wish, as an early promo photo seemed to hint.

In her defense, Jessie J argues that she’s actually spoken quite a bit about her new album. At Capital FM she referred to three of the album’s 13 tracks, including “Daydreaming” — a song that she compared to Prince, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey‘s Unplugged EP — and “Conquer The World,” her duet with Brandy.

“I’ve given a lot away, out of peer pressure,” Jessie J says. Watch her Capital FM chat up top.