Teen Choice Awards 2013: One Direction Give Debut Performance Of “Best Song Ever” (Watch)

Aug 11th, 2013 // 1 Comment
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The nation’s youth had their say on Sunday (August 11) night, but not before a certain plucky boy band from across the pond kicked the whole shebang off with the debut performance of their latest smash-a-roo! One Direction got Fox’s Teen Choice Awards off and running by belting out “Best Song Ever.” The poor quintet looked a bit like a pack of deer caught in headlights at certain points in the song (aren’t they used to hordes of shrieking lasses by now?), but we’ll give them a pass because, hey — Zayn Malik‘s Betty Boop jacket.

Watch 1D’s performance of “Best Song Ever” above, and let us know how you think they did below!


  1. Lets just say I'm a directioner-Makaley

    Ok…… THEY DID FREAKING AMAZING FOR BEING ON TOUR ALL SUMMER, NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THEIR FAMILIES FOR A FEW MONTHS, NEVER LIVING IN AN ACTUAL HOME, RATHER A BUS, AND NOT TO MENTION BEING EXHAUSTED. It’s hard to hear yourself singing with 50,000 freaking people screaming your ears off and I think that they AMAZING considering all of this. Stop down talking them, I’d like to see you try doing what they do, it’s extremely hard to sing with 4 other people singing completely different parts than you………. You’d get bood off the stage if you tried.

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