Teen Choice Awards 2013: One Direction Give Debut Performance Of “Best Song Ever” (Watch)

one direction best song ever 2013 teen choice awards
Teen Dreamy
The nation’s youth had their say on Sunday (August 11) night, but not before a certain plucky boy band from across the pond kicked the whole shebang off with the debut performance of their latest smash-a-roo! One Direction got Fox’s Teen Choice Awards off and running by belting out “Best Song Ever.” The poor quintet looked a bit like a pack of deer caught in headlights at certain points in the song (aren’t they used to hordes of shrieking lasses by now?), but we’ll give them a pass because, hey — Zayn Malik‘s Betty Boop jacket.

Watch 1D’s performance of “Best Song Ever” above, and let us know how you think they did below!

  • Lets just say I’m a directioner-Makaley

    Ok…… THEY DID FREAKING AMAZING FOR BEING ON TOUR ALL SUMMER, NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THEIR FAMILIES FOR A FEW MONTHS, NEVER LIVING IN AN ACTUAL HOME, RATHER A BUS, AND NOT TO MENTION BEING EXHAUSTED. It’s hard to hear yourself singing with 50,000 freaking people screaming your ears off and I think that they AMAZING considering all of this. Stop down talking them, I’d like to see you try doing what they do, it’s extremely hard to sing with 4 other people singing completely different parts than you………. You’d get bood off the stage if you tried.