Lady Gaga’s “Applause”: Listen To Her First ‘ARTPOP’ Single In Full

Aug 12th, 2013 // 29 Comments
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Well, this is quite a surprise. Lady Gaga tweeted the following, just short time ago: “DUE TO HACKERS AN ABUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS…WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY…MONSTERS SPREAD THE WORD” And that pop emergency just happens to be the release of the lead ARTPOP single “Applause,” a full week ahead of schedule. (And, yes, KatyCats — “Applause” has arrived the same day as “Roar.”)

It’s only the first listen, but it’s clear that the song ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being a balls-to-the-wall pop delight. Head below to give Gaga’s first new single in two years a spin.

One of the first things that becomes apparent with “Applause” is that the cover art isn’t the only thing referencing David Bowie — Gaga’s delivery of the lyrics on the verses is a straight-up homage to the Thin White Duke.

Another notable thing about the song: Gaga makes good on her promise that, with ARTPOP, she’s getting back to her more “fun” nature from the days of The Fame. (Of course, the jury’s still out on the rest of the album.)

Gone are the urgent longings for meeting at the electric chapel, the metaphorical waxing on government hookers and the clinging to biblical demons. The most urgent plea from Mother Monster in “Applause” is for her followers to “put your hands up, make them touch!”

“Applause” instead delivers something that was missing from the bulk of the tracks on previous release Born This Way: an immediate sense that this is pop doing what good pop songs should do, which is grab you by the collar from the first listen and make you fall in love on the spot. “Poker Face” had it. “Paparazzi” and “Bad Romance,” too.

Chalk “Applause” up to another score for Lady Gaga. It’s been awhile, but we’re more than happy to say she’s back.

Oh, and as for Gaga herself, she seems overjoyed at the moment, despite the early release:


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  2. The chorus is unbelievable

  3. Sven


  4. Jack

    I’m into this Katy vs. Gaga race to #1. I like both songs in an entirely different way, Gaga has the club-ready edge, and Katy has the emotional-connection thing… we’ll see…

  5. It’s great actually. It’s beautifully produced.

  6. Ritchard

    It doesn’t have enough production in it, It doesn’t sound finished but it’s O.K. JUST O.K. slightly disappointing really.

  7. Robert

    Can’t wait for Beyonce to come out because she actually puts out music that is not only different from her previous albums but different from EVERYONE that’s out. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are being redundant with this pop ish. It’s safe to say this pop industry is at a standstill. It’s like, am I listening to Britney Spears? No it’s Katy… OH It’s Not katy… Sorry. It’s Actually GaGa.

  8. Ritchard

    Copying David Bowie this time instead of Madonna. I hope the music video will make the song sound better. It is a grower though and on a second listen I’m liking it more. I prefer more electronic beats in the music but it’s O.K.

  9. Cc

    it’s a bit boring and generic

  10. andrea

    Love it!! leaves you wanting MORE!!! can’t wait for the rest of ARTPOP!!

  11. Wow. Impressed. Didn’t expect it to be this catchy.

  12. Thought it would sound way bigger, longer and louder. It’s just good.

  13. Kellykelly


  14. Ritchard

    I’m listening to Applause with a descent set of headphones now and liking it so much more, especially after listening to it a few times. I can’t wait for the video now. It’s better than Katy Perry’s new single Roar. But I do like Roar also.

  15. Ritchard


  16. jazzy trias

    better than katy’s.. still waiting for britney and beyonce

  17. carlos

    2012 was so boring. Thank god every amazing pop lady is coming back again this year.

  18. robfuzz

    This will definitely top the dance chart but its just not as interesting a song structure as Bad Romance nor does it contain as catchy a hook as Pokerface. Still, the world is a better place with Gaga in it so I’m willing to throw my money at her.

  19. yesturdays post I said the song was not amazing, but I take that back, its still not amazing but it is very catchy with lots of possibilities for cross formats, so I do see a hit in her future.

  20. love the song .Listening the new song at Harvard university

  21. ajb

    It’s very catchy, it’s a simple song, the chorus is amazing, the verses are a bit generic and odd, but it kind of works. It’s very EDM, it could fit on The Fame Monster very well i think.

  22. Truth

    I don’t understand all the comments saying this is good. I’m assuming these are all children who’ve never learned good music yet. Lady Gaga is a fake, and in reality, she’s not anything to do with NYC. No one in NYC knows her, no one in NYC likes her. RIch girls aren’t ‘lower east side’. She knows that. Ny’ers know it too. Too bad none of you do. Stop worshipping a false idol. False idols don’t deserve it.

  23. xSushi

    I had my doubts and was turned off by her Born This Way era… but ya know what Lady GaGa… I give you Applause for this track. It’s catchy and fun… now make an epic Bad Romance / Telephone like video.

  24. very bad song actually!

  25. calin

    Was expecting better coming from GG after all her self-absorbed comments about how an incredible artist she is. Very dissapointed, hopefuly she will surprise me in a good way with her second single.

  26. Lady Gagarbage

    another album…another garbage !


  27. yasaman

    I didn’t like it at all,u used to better before

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