The Wanted: Justin Bieber & Rita Ora Collabs Didn’t Make The Album

Aug 12th, 2013 // 2 Comments
The Wanted G.A.Y.

Shame! The boys of The Wanted had been gearing up for some big collaborations on their upcoming LP Word Of Mouth, dropping in September, but it sounds like they’re keeping the focus on them and them alone: In a new interview, band crooner Siva Kaneswaran explained that even though songs with Justin Bieber and Rita Ora were cut, they may never see the light of day.

As Siva explained, when asked about the tracks with Bieber and Ora: “We wrote with Justin and Rita, but for all of us, we’ve always said that if a song was right to release, we’d release it. They’re great songs, but in regards to our sound right now and the album, they weren’t right. We still have them and we can still use them and put them out at the right time.”

In his estimation, though, the album is shaping up to be something special: “By God we’re sweating it because after all this work, we know this is the best album we can come up with. I think every song is a hit, but it depends on what everyone else thinks.”

In related news, Scooter Braun is very rich.

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  1. ZMH

    they have been notoriously known for “the big collabs failed to go through” now. remember that rihanna duet? no offense (i actually like them), but come on for short lived species like a british boy band, what labels will pay the money for such duets but decide to sleep on it instead of, you know, cash in?.

  2. Tiffany

    I think that collaborations with JB, Rita Ora, and Rihanna as ZMH mentioned would have been good for The Wanted regardless. It’s great that they’re working to get a particular sound, but it would create so much more hype and new fans for their music. Especially since One Direction, their “rivals” is also releasing a new album later this year, they’re going to need something awesome to stand out. One Direction doesn’t need the collaborations, but I could see them doing one with similar bands like Little Mix or 5 Seconds of Summer, and I’d think that The Wanted would’ve been a perfect collaboration with Justin Bieber because I remember reading a Teen Vogue article where they were mentioned as part of Justin Bieber’s team of reccomended artists.

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