Katy Perry & Rihanna Reunite In New York City For Dinner With John Mayer, So That’s Cool

Katy Perry celebrated the official release of her new single “Roar” in New York City last night, and she did it in style. How “in style,” you ask? Well! She was joined by her on-again off-again beau John Mayer, which is a good place to start — and then none other than her sometimes-bestie Rihanna stopped by to join in on the festivities, because that’s perfectly normal.

Yes, the island princess made a cameo at Perry’s celebratory dinner at The Lion in Greenwich Village, just long enough to shake out her curls and pose for an Insta. My question is: What is conversation like between John Mayer and Rihanna? What do they talk about? What do they have in common, besides being generally about that life?

That mystery remains unsolved — but it’s nice to hear that Katy and John are back on: PEOPLE reports that “Katy and John were adorable. Katy introduced him to people as her boyfriend and John affectionately held her close with his arm around her.” So there’s that.

Maybe John Mayer is the prism .

[via PEOPLE]