Madonna And Lady Gaga Mashed: Conspiracy Theorists Compare “Applause” To “Girl Gone Wild”

Within seconds of “Applause” hitting iTunes, outraged Madonna fans were wagging their collective finger at Lady Gaga (again) — this time for allegedly ripping off 2012 single “Girl Gone Wild”. This kind of thing has to be taken with a grain of salt. Mostly it’s just sour grapes or semi-effective trolling. (Amusingly enough, Little Monsters pulled a similar stunt a couple days earlier when they accused Katy Perry of plagiarizing Sara Bareilles“Brave” on her new single).

Unlike the obvious similarities between “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way”, this case of thievery draws a fairly long bow. “Applause” and “Girl Gone Wild” do sound similar but that’s not surprising considering they belong to the same Euro-house genre. However, it’s still worth checking out the mash-up being passed around by conspiracy theorists — not because it’s particularly damning, rather because it’s actually quite catchy. Judge for yourself after the jump.

Is this a knock off or does Team Madonna have too much time on its hands? Voice your opinion in the comments below.


    Really Mike?

  • Lamb4life

    Applause sucks….

    2 out of 5 *

  • Yawn

    Lady GaGa is a garbage; just like her fashion, music and art.



  • fb100003311620092

    Lady Gaga’s “artistic vision” seems to be researching and copy other entertainers. Beyonce or Mariah would never do something like this.


    Why the hell would she copy a flop single from a flop album? At least Express Yourself was a hit!

    • Ryan Abernathy

      You spelled Respect Yourself wrong.

  • julio

    sinseramenti isso e uma palhaçada, vamos ter um bom senço critico né…tudo que lady gaga faz e uma pura art deixa madona de lado né gente, claro que applause e bem melhor, ta virando modinha né em falar que tudo que gaga faz e copiando madona. que site ridiculo ‘indolador’.

  • Lol

    In case, Maddona copy Marilyn Monroe, just see the cover of her CD! Bitches always talking about copy but actually all is copy of something, don’t bark bitches!

    • Jo

      Madonna has always been open about honoring Marilyn. Material girl she did the whole diamonds are a girls best friend..did she hide and im not copying marilyn. It’s just obvious! Just like gaga copying madonna. she needs to own up!

  • Michael Gorant

    Not even close. Leave Gaga alone. Madonna has more experience. Gaga is great for such a short time, so far.

  • ricky

    sounds nothing like GGW what the hell?

  • santa vaca

    Not even remotely similiar. Neat mashup, though.

  • Oh Lawl

    Of course they are some similarities…like pretty much every pop songs lol…Just Ask South Korea About Songs that sounds all the same…
    What i find amusing is how good these two songs sounds together..A nice cut mashup would be terrific. :)

  • Mikel

    That’s why Applause was so familiar!

  • QT

    i do mash ups for a few years now. there are so many tracks that just fit perfectly, but do they have to be copies of each other?
    the supremes “stop in the name of love” mashes perfectly with soul asylum “runaway train”.
    pet shop boys “what have i done to deserve this” mashes perfectly on human league “don’t you want me”.
    black eyed peas “i gotta feeling” mashed perfecty on boston “more than a feeling”. i could go on and on with that.
    so if just some chords fit good, it might not be a copy, it might just happen cause there is a limited task of chords that fit and sound good so they match what we all know as pop music. if there isn’t more than just that, it ain’t no copy.

  • lola

    Not even close LOL… but cool mix!

  • Ale Borgia

    Copy/Paste again! I hope Madonna will take Gaga to court this time.

    And btw Gaga said ARTPOP would be the album of the century….nice start! hahahahah

  • hculmn

    Madonna fans don’t know what they’re doing to a once upon a time icon….tsk tsk tsk. She will now be remembered as the bitter pop-star who couldn’t handle the fame of her successor.

    Just keep in mind what Nicki Minaj did to Lil’ Kim and how Lil’ Kim is now viewed. Oh well :) long live the new queen of pop!

    • jMeN

      You’re soo right! Nobody seems to remember the late 90′s and early 2000′s when almost every artist (Britney, Usher, Christina, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, & Destiny’s Child) were practically imitating Michael Jackson’s voice, dances, style & music.

      Does anybody remember the standard drum beat: kick, snare and hi-hat, from billie jean, smooth criminal, etc.?? Those instruments drove the millennial hits like Baby One More Time, Larger than Life, Crazy, Bye Bye Bye.

      Or does anybody remember when Usher & Justin were at their height & moonwalking all over the stage…Michael never said anything. Why? Because obviously an icon is supposed to influence generations. Plus, he was Michael Jackson. A true Icon! And Justin or Usher didn’t pose a threat to his legacy.

      Madonna, on the other hand, is insecure in every way because she knows her whole career has been built on plagiarism *cough* Like a Virgin/Billie Jean.

      Its sad really, to see her having to put down Gaga in her own documentary because otherwise she’s no longer relevant. Give it up losers, Madonna was never a Marilyn Monroe….lol even Michael hated her. Anyways, the real problem here is that Madonna ripped off Kylie for MDNA…and even then Kylie didn’t bit** hahaha.

      Here’s copycat Madonna’s long list of artists or people’s she’s copied :

      Lastly, all you old folks, remember when Madge had to pay hush hush money when she was being sued for stealing ‘Express Yourself’ from the ‘Respect Yourself’ song. NEXT!!!

    • Daniel Tupou Heiss

      Are you kidding me, bitter? Im not even a huge fan of Madonna but to actually compare the Nicki vs Kim situation is pure comedy. Gagas last album tanked, her tour tanked, she was selling buy one get one free tickets over seas and faked an injury because tour sales were down. Madonna broke the world record for most mulah earned from a single tour ever (MDNA) this PAST YEAR. If anyone will succeed Madonna it will be Britney, long live the real queen of pop. Your cracker jack fun house circus freak pop star is about to hit her 15min mark after this album.

      • Annie Kamerer

        Born this way was a flop? Really? Because it was the fastest selling single in iTunes history…it took 5 freaking hrs to jump to no 1…no other artist has achieved this.

        It was also the 5th top selling digital album of all time, received 3 Grammy nominations, debuted in the top 5 spots in every market, and had the largest first week album sales in 5 years. Not to mention it went 2x platnum in the U.S. and 4x platinum in Canada. That’s some truth tea for you kid!

        It’s not about comparing madonna and lil kim or gaga and nicki minaj…what he probably means is that the perception of the badass and powerful lil kim has now changed…and after seeing madonna’s concert on showtime and her delusional fans have to make up lies to defend her and make her look good has lead everyone to believe she’s not as iconic or powerful as she used to be….and the public perception of madonna has forever changed. Anywhere you go besides or any pro-Madge site will show you the true perception of your “queen”.

        On a last note, britney started so so strong and wad a pop force tbag couldnt be reckoned with…not even xtina could touch with that voice….but she has plateaued and her residency in Vegas should tell you that. At her age michael, cher, janet and even madonna were still building their legacy…

  • Petite Piaff

    Hey delusional Madge fans….Applause is currently #1 in 53 countries on iTunes, w/o any promo due to a rushed release.

    It’s also been confirmed as the fastest selling single of 2013.

    Oh, and if you want to compare Benny Benassi’s work with DJ White Shadow than you obviously don’t know anything about music, the instrumentals or how its made. #staypressed

  • jr

    Why would Gaga wanna rip off a single that didn’t even break the top 20? This is bs.

  • Tash

    Is it bad that I actually like this mashed together?? :P

  • LJS

    Oh, Please. When I first heard “Girl Gone Wild,” I thought it sounded like a reject from Britney’s FEMME FATALE album. The only reason “Applause” sounds similar is because it’s the same production that has been used in EDM for the past couple of years. There are similar elements, just like there’s similar elements within most current pop songs of the same genre, just like you can listen to songs from different time periods and hear similarities, but anyone who thinks the two mentioned songs sound exactly alike in terms of melody clearly lacks any imagination.

  • poseidon

    Thankyou Madonna for bringing this into view. The surprise isn’t that a couple of songs seem similar the surprise is that there are so many differences. As Madonna and Lady Gaga Finger Eleven Billy Joel Michael Jackson so many others all the way back to Rockin Robin know they have been covering for me the writer they say I can’t hide under there ‘finger eleven’ ‘semper ubi sub ubi’ ‘always ware under ware’ thanks Rev. Roger McComb who’s hiding roger doyles brother pat doyle head of my angels perhaps his brother ‘the little guy’ head of the demons so called mafia under cover police they have hidden me well thank you hells angels hope you enjoy your new home the same goes for all my friends in black and blue red white green and orange they say god knows collectively I’m sure we all do. right now i hope Manitoulin Manhattan and Ottawa know enough to survive. yours slave of slaves.

  • Applause Gone Wild

    check this out:
    Madonna vs Lady Gaga – Applause Gone Wild (Philthy Mashup)

    share and if you have a soundcloud account ask for its download to be enabled!

  • Shain

    I love that song.
    Jobs for 15 year olds check it out

  • Central Scrutinizer

    Not even close! different sounds, tempo, lyrics, production…Madonna’s tune is in A flat. Gaga’s is in G. The only not that is the same is B flat. So I guess thats considered a rip off!.. Please
    This would be laughed out of court if it was a serious claim. Give us a break..
    I havent heard the mashup but I know enough about songwriting and music to know that those two chords do not go together in a song at all.. one of the songs would have to be pitch shifted to make a mash up and even that wouldn’t make it close to the each other either.. Lets get back to planet earth people.. Maybe these two Divas can do something about the poor souls in the Philipines. or something more productive.