Jesse McCartney Comes Back Swinging With Excellent New Single “Back Together”

It’s been awhile (too much of awhile, if you ask me), but Jesse McCartney is back with his first proper release since 2008’s Departure launched him into a more grown-up sound — and the new single, “Back Together,” does exactly what you want him to do: It puts him in the same space as Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, with a cool disco vibe and a fluttery falsetto vocal.

The lyrics, too, are appropriately adult but stop just short of posturing: “Lipstick on my cigarette / How you used to hog the bed / The little shit that I can’t forget.” Yes, new Jesse McCartney single, you can stay.

Reportedly, this is McCartney’s first release through an independent label, which raises some questions about what, exactly, happened with his deal at Hollywood Records — but hey! The music’s great, and that’s what really matters here.

Listen below.

Jesse McCartney — “Back Together”

[via Arcadey]