Selena Gomez Covers Lorde’s “Royals”: Hear The Live Rendition

Selena Gomez gave fans a treat Wednesday night (August 14) at the Vancouver stop of her Stars Dance tour, becoming the latest to cover Lorde‘s ascendant single “Royals.” The young star turned out a gracefully slinky rendition of the younger almost-star’s hit, with Sel’s version showcasing more of an “unplugged” acoustic feel.

Check out the surprisingly clear live audio below, plus the short Instagram video of the cover, and then compare it to Lorde’s recent live performance of her Pure Heroine track.

Selena Gomez — “Royals” (Lorde cover)

[via ONTD & Tumblr]

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  • Robbie

    OMG. She sounds chinese. She’s trying to sound a bit kiwi and it’s not working. No talent here. Always knew so.

  • adrien monk

    horrible cover



  • Kian Bandelaria

    My ears almost bled out.

  • what

    does she have any clue what the song is about or did she cover because its hot and has a cool beat?

  • meagain

    I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies > I can make the stars dance, dance, dance for you, you, you

    so gomez covered this clearly not realising that she is the epitomy of what lorde complains about it the song. the only part she really gets is probably, “let me be your ruler you can me queen b and baby i’ll rule.”

  • Sarah


  • crimsonrosalie

    Nope, just like others said, she doesn’t seem to get what it’s about and simply skitters over the surface of a song written and sung by a very talented young woman with substance. Sad.