The Saturdays Unveil “Disco Love” Single Artwork

Aug 16th, 2013 // Comment
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What’s going on with The Saturdays? So glad you asked! Their single back in May, “Gentleman,” was one of the more weirdly great/terrible/great songs in recent memory, all that thirsty spoken-word nonsense (but a really catchy hook!), and I don’t think anyone (even me) watched Chasing The Saturdays, but hark! On the horizon! That beacon of hope you see glimmering off in the distance is a new single from The Saturdays with a sincerely amazing title — “Disco Love” — that now has some nicely compelling visuals to boot.

Namely, I’m seeing roller skates, which evokes Jessica Simpson‘s video for “A Public Affair” (always a good thing), and the candy-colored hues that suggest a return to their earlier brightness.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best. The song drops in two days.

[via Popjustice]


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