The Saturdays’ “Disco Love” Is So Great It Actually Makes Up For “What About Us”: Listen

Like so many (read: rather few) Americans, I chased The Saturdays all year (read: for one episode) and found it so exhausting that I more or less gave up on it, and the cynical faux-island pop of “What About Us” was so disheartening that I almost lost hope altogether. But hark! On the horizon, a beacon of lighthouse illuminating the darkness of the charts! The Saturdays’ new single “Disco Love,” out October 5 in the UK (and probably never here, which is maddening) is deliriously, ridiculously great.

They’ve got everything: References to Britney Spears and Donna Summer! Fizzy, disco-inflected electropop fusion production! The catchiest chorus you’ve ever heard! Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink instrumentation! A saxophone! Vocals that sound like a lost K-pop classic! It’s lovely, instantaneous and propulsive, and exactly the shot of adrenaline that they needed. 

It is indeed love that’s in the air. Listen below.