Enrique Iglesias Turns Up, Takes His Shirt Off In “Turn The Night Up” Video: Watch

Ah! Mr. Enrique Iglesias has a new single out — “Turn The Night Up” (first you take it back, and then you own it, and then you turn it up, because science) — and it’s a bit of an odd one, this video, isn’t it? It feels a little bit drug-induced, but inexplicably so. He’s on some kind of Requiem For A Dream-style journey, although it’s considerably less tortured; still, a toilet exploding full of glitter isn’t something you expect to see, well, anywhere outside of a Miley Cyrus video.

The most important thing that you need to know is that Enrique is briefly shirtless. So there’s that.

Watch up top.


    ???????? whats going on in this video?

  • sheila

    This is so bad! Its so horrible and in the worst taste of music. Im a little sick just seeing it and also how bad enrique looks. WTF happened to him? He aged terrible!!

  • tina

    god awful! enrique you ask your fans for a chat yesterday on your facebook and twitter and your fans ask good questions about the song and video, and you ignore the questions but you ask your fans to keep the song trending! You have become SELFISH AND LESS CARING!!!! you have a side of you nobody knows, and your fans are blinded! SHAME ON YOU! You just lost me as a fan!!

  • enemyofthestars

    not bad looking. for a whore.

    • lydia

      excuse me but who are you calling a whore in this video? i dont see ANNA KOURNIKOVA!!