Samantha Mumba Returns After 11 Year Hiatus With “Somebody Like Me”: Watch

Remember Samantha Mumba? She scored a massive top five hit way back in 2000 with “Gotta Tell You” as well as notching up a smattering of minor chart entries with perky songs like “Baby Come Over (This Is Our Night)” and “I’m Right Here”. They dried up in 2002 and the Irish diva switched her attention to acting — starring in movies like Time Machine and Boy Eats Girl. Well, she’s back with a new single!

“Somebody Like Me” is the product of an Irish talent show and, to be honest, it doesn’t exactly scream hit. The low-key R&B ballad is, however, an effective reminder that Samantha — still only 30 years old — has an exceedingly pretty voice and movie star good looks. Hopefully, this is the start of a proper comeback with more commercial material. Until then, watch the ’00s starlet belt her new song after the jump.

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