7 Questions With David Hudson: His Movement, The Music & Advice From Big Sister Katy Perry

Let’s just get it out of the way. David Hudson has a famous sister called Katy Perry. She’s really awesome, wins at iTunes and commands a fleet of gold trucks. But apart from doling out the occasionally piece of advice, their career paths are yet to cross. And that’s exactly how the 25-year-old likes it. He’s happily forging his own path with rather excellent band Hudson.

David dropped by the Idolator studio earlier this month to showcase tunes from new album The Revolution — available August 27 — and talk about his music, the movement he’s hoping to create and why conquering the music business on his own terms is so important.

The raspy-voiced rocker is an incredibly nice guy and wants to know you. Seriously, hit him up on Facebook or Twitter. Accessibility is his middle name! (Actually, it’s Daniel but you get the drift). Watch up top.

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