Tears Of A Clown: Lady Gaga Compares Herself To Michael Jackson

Aug 22nd, 2013 // 18 Comments
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Lady Gaga is having a bad week. Pop rival Katy Perry soundly beat her in their high-profile chart battle, Billboard editor Bill Werde publicly called her out for encouraging fans to rack up phantom YouTube views and former ally Perez Hilton started a campaign urging music lovers to buy Christina Aguilera‘s criminally underrated Bionic instead of ARTPOP on November 11.

It’s understandable that Mother Monster is feeling a little sorry for herself but tweeting a Michael Jackson quote about the price of fame (“the bigger the star, the bigger the target”) is only going add fuel to the backlash. For staters, she’s not as big a celebrity as the king of pop and her situation is largely self-inflicted.

Critics might give her a break if she took a rest from Twitter and simply went about her business of being an amazing pop star. See Gaga’s tweet after the jump.

Does the theatrical diva make a point or is she simply wallowing in self-pity? You be the judge in the comments below.

  1. Theo

    You guys write 2-3 blog entries a day about her implying that she’s no longer relevant. Oh, the irony.

  2. Why am I not surprised Mike wrote this? Give it a rest.

  3. Jay

    It amazes me how people get so riled up about every little thing written about Gaga. People make it seem like these articles are made out of thin air. They are reporting on facts people. Nowhere in this article does it bash Gaga or say that she’s no longer relevant. “Having a bad week” is barely anything to start crying about. Calm down.

    • Avery

      Umm… the negative implication in the article is pretty clear. The article is titled “Tears of a Clown: Lady Gaga compares herself to Michael Jackson” for God’s sake!

      What pisses me off most in this article is the “self-inflicted” line. First off, I’m 100% certain they would have said the same thing about MJ and his legal problems years ago. But how exactly is Perez Hilton encouraging people to buy Aguilera’s album instead of ARTPOP self-inflicted?

      The media loves to spread implications that Lady Gaga is nutso and that her fans are the craziest, when the same can be said for pretty much every single other celebrity out there. Lady Gaga is just a lot more flamboyant. And for some reason, in this country, we really can’t stand flamboyant.

    • Avery

      I’m sorry… But I also love how you’re scolding pretty much no one. “Calm down”? Most of the comments on this site are anti-Lady Gaga.

      I just had to call you out on this because it perfectly exemplifies the mentality behind people who blindly hate Lady Gaga. They naturally assume every negative thing they read about her is true and feel as though millions of Lady Gaga fans are sending them death threats through their mind.

  4. Oh, God. This is so ridiculous. Calm down and take a cold shower Gaga. Attention is on you not because you are so HUGE. It’s because you are a HYPE-girl

  5. Hilarious. One minute she insists that people/critics/bloggers stop the drama & start the music, but then she very publicly airs her issues with Perez Hilton on Twitter (in a situation where she felt so threatened for her personal safety and asks to involve her fans, not the police?)
    One minute she says nothing/does very little about her fan base (and even her own collaborators) that (continuously, for MONTHS) attack/threaten celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Taylor Swift, Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc. because they “perceived” attacks/criticisms against their Mother Monster, and THEN the next she issues an official statement for fans to stop threatening / bullying Perez Hilton (and his family) after SHE herself tweets about how she thinks he is stalking her (while finally asking those doing the bullying to remember the purpose of HER anti-bulling organization and the message of her “Born This Way” song).
    One minute she insists she is “every ICON” and is “inspired by no one” (these are REAL quotes!) but the next BLATANTLY borrows music / concepts / images from numerous artists from Bowie to Madonna to Bjork, etc.
    One minute she encourages her fans to purchase multiple copies of her new single by offering prizes and tweets a link to watch her new music video on repeat (apparently to gain a higher position on the charts???) but then REMOVES said tweets when she is called out by critics and bloggers for being shady (INCLUDING Billboard Magazine)!
    She may or may not be the so-called victim of a media backlash due to her popularity/success or just a victim of being incorrectly judged by certain media outlets or, as it has always been when one becomes a high profile figure (from politicians to celebrities of all avenues), HOWEVER she LIKE Michael Jackson (Big star=Big Target?), absolutely cannot deny that she has been involved in some puzzling public behavior. She seems to say/do certain things, and, when questioned about it, will flat out deny it, delete it, or try to save face.

    C’mon Gaga…”Stop the drama, start the MUSIC” already!

  6. Assholes

    are y’all stupid?
    this is a tweet about her goddamn VMA performance.
    you guys will take anything to tear her down.

  7. I used to love Gaga in the Fame days, but since she publicly denounced fur wearers on Ellen, and then wore the most absurd over the top furs, I refuse to spend another penny on this cow, and I know many people who were appalled at her hypocrisy.
    However, I do feel her quote is relevant, but I feel she has self-imploded and completely over-exposed herself.
    What a shame.

  8. Sven

    Dear God. I used to love this site. That’s the time before Mike Wass wrote most of the articles.

  9. GM

    it seems funny how perez is trying to promote some album that was pretty much c.a. demise and only true fans bought she has a new album that hasn’t seen the light of day also funny how he is trying to get someone else involved when these two divas always congratulate each other

  10. Avery

    The irony of stories like this is that five years ago, before Michael’s death, they would have never gotten up in arms about the comparison. In fact, they may have even made light of it given how much crap MJ used to always get for his eccentricities. These same journalists who are calling Lady Gaga crazy would be claiming how unfair she was treated publicly if she died.

    Do you people even remember what you used to think of Michael Jackson before he died? I bet you Gaga haters thought he was just as crazy. Such close-minded hypocrites.

  11. Marc


  12. Sam

    Either she and Katie Perry are NOT Michael Jackson and NEVER will be even though they both would like it…

  13. xSushi

    Gaga in the title and get a click. You’re advertisers are welcome :P

  14. Iwanna Jackson

    She can’t be like Michael Jackson.MJ is uniqe!!

  15. CESAR


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