North West: See The First Photo Of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby

Whether you’re a longtime Kanye West fan or a follower of all things Kim Kardashian — or, perhaps, a faithful devotee to both? — chances are you’ve been itching to catch a glimpse of the pair’s bundle of joy, North West. Since the heir to the double-K throne was delivered on June 15, there’s been some anxiety for those who get off on seeing celeb baby pics with regards to the little tyke.

Thankfully it’s Kris Jenner to the rescue (I really just typed those words, didn’t I?). Kanye hit up the Kardashian matriarch’s talk show to discuss all things North West — during which the above pic of the two-month-old baby was unveiled.

During the chat, the 36-year-old rapper was at times boastful, at times self-deprecating and, naturally, 100% Kanye.

“I’m supposed to be this muscial genius and everything and I can’t really work the car seat that well,” he told Jenner.

At another point he said, “When My daughter was first born people asked me ‘how do you feel, is everything different?’ No not really, not everything is that different, it takes time to understand you met a brand new person.”

So there you have it — North West looks just like a baby. Hit us up with your thoughts on the toddler’s pic below.

[Via NY Daily News]