2013 MTV Video Music Awards: Ariana Grande Opts For Floral

Ariana Grande looked like a Alice just after she had fallen down the rabbit hole on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet tonight (August 25) in a curious floral dress and white pumps. The pre-show performer could easily be mistaken for a little girl who raided her mom’s make-up box but that is the look the 20-year-old seems to favor and, lets be honest, it kind of works for her. As for her date? There was no sign of new man Nathan Sykes by her side.

Is this look a hit or miss? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Summer

    I thought that the dress looked pretty sophisticated and classy. She looks beautiful. I think that this suits her and is much better than what Selena Gomez wore. Her dress looked like what a 30 year old would wear to the vmas. And don’t even get me started on Miley…

  • Ally J.

    Ummm Ariana isn’t going out with Nathan… Some news reporter just watched the video and made some random guesses, even they didn’t prove it so it’s false. She did break up with Jai though :(

  • Holly

    you make ariana seem like she’s a 2 year old. she looked stunning.

  • davie

    Hit…. I loved it… she worked it perfectly!

  • Guest

    One dress was just right for day, and the other was glammed up for night. But both were very much her style, and going to the VMA’s for the first time, is not the moment to try and be bold or daring! Safe is what you want, when you’re nervous. You just want the performance to go as planned!